Monday, June 13, 2011

Bin Laden, who finked.

My insider at the CIA let slip the direct connection between the escape of some 500 Taleban from Kabul Gaol on April 25th and the confirmed killing of the purveyor of death, Osama Bin Laden on May 1st.

Would the US trade silence on the escape for confirmation of the location of the number one most wanted in the world for the Seals to take him out.

Why not, many of the escapees were back inside in short order and Ossie was dead, seems like a good deal to me.


Anonymous said...

my insider at the CIA.........

hahahaha, please

gravedodger said...

@ Anonysmith 12 36 I am so sorry you havn't got one of your own. It demeans you to beg, man up for gods sake
Of course I will never reveal my sources even if they remove my marbles one at a time without anaesthetic.
I was warned me not to mention it but It was important to me that those devious bloody Yanks were exposed for the shallow heartless bastards they were.
Bloody Obama out there searching for his apostrophe.

Anonymous said...

"I will never reveal my sources even if they remove my marbles one at a time without anaesthetic."

Oh man, it's faaaaar too late for that.

gravedodger said...

Your meaning being anonymouse 6 37.

You are scaring me just as I was warned you would.

We have doubled our security ie loaded the second barrel.

Those pet seals are probably in the Harbour as we speak.

Adolf Fiinkensein said...

Go get'im, Granpaw!

gravedodger said...

Sure will son.
Feelin better now with the poodles patrolling the perimeter.
Held back some of their tidbits tonite so they will be hungry an mean.
The LHM Dacshund will be covering the cabin.

gravedodger said...

Here we are another day another dollar and no sign of the mouses or the seals either.
Off to the big smoke to do some good works for those poor buggers in the eastern areas.