Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Asset Sales

Get ready for some REAL ASSET SALES very soon.

No, not minority equity share arrangements in SOEs.

REAL asset sales where you flog the whole damned thing off to some foreigner and pocket the dosh so you can spend it on other things like groceries and luxury holidays - so to speak.

The assets which will shortly go under the hammer are those pieces or real estate currently owned by the Labour Party and the Unions.

The party is Flatt Broke (Now there's a slogan for you) and has only managed to raise a paltry $11k so far this year. It has an election campaign to pay for $2m and shortly a whole raft of fines imposed by the Privacy Commission $??00k and damages claims from credit card holders $1m+? who have been scammed by operators who gained their credit card passwords from Labour Party websites.

Labour's bankers will regard them as wankers so their only two options are theft or asset sales. Whaleoil has effectively closed the door on their ongoing theft from tax payers so it's off to the auctioneer for Goff and Co.

One thing Adolf has learned about the lying socialists is that they themselves do privately everything they campaign against publicly.

A more duplicitous gang of crooks in this country has never been seen. At least the Mongrel Mob are 'honest' about being bad bastards.

They are a bloody laugh a minute, n'est ce pas?


royaloaks said...

The lying thieving Labour Party have been caught out by Whale lock stock and barrel.Clark was the master of lies and now its time they be bought to justice.

Anonymous said...

See they have just awarded themselves $1.15M for advertising during hte election campaign.