Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Another Day Another Quake.

Swmbo and self were at the dear old Grand Hotel for the installation of the incoming Lions Club team at our June Dinner meeting last night at 1034 hrs. It seemed to just go on and on. We find out this morning the seismic readout ran for some 25 minutes on that one event. with a seriously disturbed innerself one wonders if it is the tremor or just the body, reassuring to know it is the former.

As a PP it fell to me this year to do the honors and the 5.3 struck just as we started the ceremony. Update now measured as a 5.4.
A few went for the door but most stayed including our guest speaker one Nick Walls.

Nick had a remarkable story of survival, rehab and an indomitable spirit.
He was the last survivor extracted alive from the collapsed PGC building in Cambridge Tce at about 2300 hrs on Feb 22nd. He was on Level 2 as a member of the Leitch and Partners accountancy firm and after the collapse where the Ground floor remained largely intact with the floors above collapsed down to around 2.5 meters in combined height. His rescuers many of whom were just ordinary construction guys doing what had to be done, accessed Nick by progressively cutting access down through the concrete floors in the form of "manholes".

A remarkable story from a remarkable young man.

We are all just a little more fragile but still resolved to go forward and an inspirational survivor such as Nick with his spirit and strength empowers us to do just that.


Inventory2 said...

Kia kaha Gravedodger; hope the nerves have settled this morning.

homepaddock said...

Oh GD - just finished a phone call to a friend in Christchurch. I asked her if there was anything I could do, she said "If only you could stop the rocking, we've had enough."