Monday, May 30, 2011

You'd Be Nuts... allow people like this to buy a serious stake in our dairy industry.

Heitiki tins are clearly branded as being from New Zealand - featuring a Maori woman on the label - and state the formula is "for super gene", although it is not clear where the product is made.

Kiaora's sole director is Tianxi Shao, but the company was not answering calls.

MAF director of compliance Geoff Allen said the ministry was visiting Kiaora's premises today.

If it was exporting infant formula, it would have to be a registered exporter and if it was manufacturing formula here it would have to meet further requirements, he said.

Kiaora was not on MAF's list of registered dairy exporters and this afternoon its website went offline........

......The New Zealand Food and Grocery Council today backed her queries, and called for a full investigation by regulators......

....."Just recently there have been cases of Chinese firms attempting to create brands and copy products to align themselves with New Zealand's good reputation. Some companies have even deliberately copied New Zealand branded infant formula products, hijacked trade names and replicated websites."

Fonterra learned the lesson the really hard way. One can only hope the Gummint learned as well.

I don't really care what the protocols might be but on no account should any Chinese interests be allowed within a mile of New Zealand's dairy industry.

They simply cannot be trusted.

I don't mid if they want to buy and operate any number of farms to supply Fonterra or Tatua but processing and exporting?

Never, Jose. Not on your bloody Nellie.


Anonymous said...

Back up folks,HONE KEY our beloved PM the top gun,our smiling leader said today,chinas pay our way and keeping us going so if its alright from hone key and the national party for CHINA to fuck up our biggist industry(YOU DO IT CHINA) with JOHN KEY and NATIONALS APPROVAL
NZ the way hone key and brash wants it,FUCKED

Lou Taylor said...

Sure we are nuts Adolf but eventually we won't have a choice.
We had our chance last century to secure our country but we blew it.
Now we even lack the basic ability to buy a few lousy farms.
We can't stop foreigners from buying the jewels in our crown because of one simple fact- they have the money - we don't.

Anonymous said...

Suck it up Adolf, suck it up.

Anonymous said...

What have they done wrong? They are selling a legally produced and quality product to foreigners. We need more people doing that?