Friday, May 27, 2011

There's A Small Dust Up......

in The Liberal Party.

Erstwhile and temporary party leader and climate change alarmist Malcolm Turnbull is complaining because someone (probably one of his own staffers to cause trouble) leaked a letter from the party whip, in which Turnbull is chastised for missing five important votes in the house.

Channel Seven News is huffing in self importance having established that party leader Tony Abbott missed four of the same votes.

Well here's a little news for the dead shits from the media. A backbencher's prime job and that of minor shadow ministers is to be in the house when a division is called. That's what he's paid for. The Opposition Leader often is away on other business, as he should be.

If I was Abbot's speech writer I would have had him on TV tonight reminding the Australian voter that Turnbull was thrown out because the party needed a leader who was more than Rudd's right hand man or Gillard's gopher.


Anonymous said...

Tony fucking Abbott vs Malcolm "Republican" Turnbull?

Abbott should just rip Turbull's head off and chuck it onto the floor of the house of reps.

that'll teach 'em. then do the same to Gillard.

Abbott got more votes, more seats, deserves to be PM and should just have the entire fucking labour party shot.

Adolf Fiinkensein said...

Anon 10.04

It's 'Labor' in Australia.

Adolf Fiinkensein said...

I had not known until this morning that Australia still operates a federal parliamentary pairing system.

The dumbarses at Channel 7 seem not to know either. It seems that their 'exposes' has shown Tony Abbott to have been paired with Gillard on one or more occasions.

Ackers said...

What utter crap Adolf. Abbott slept through the vote on the stimulus package because he was pissed. Turnbull is virtually the only politician left who has any balls and is prepared to stand up for values he believes in.

He shits all over Abbott as his fortune attests, a man who's actually earned his living as opposed to a failed journalist who's never had a real job in his life (priesthood prior to journalism, I mean seriously!)and has done nothing constructive with his life since, continues to be the most piss weak sorry excuse for a politician this country has seen.

Adolf Fiinkensein said...

Where did you suddenly spring from Ackers?

The fact that you are a Turncoat supporter is all the more reason to throw the prick out of the party.

Ackers said...

Imagine a Liberal party of Abbott, Mirabella, Christopher Pyne and those other lumps of misbegotten putrescence. That would be a party worth voting for!