Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Stop Hone - Support Kelvin

For all those red blooded true blue righties who want to put a boot up the arse of that ratbag Harawira and his appallingly evil mother, here's your chance.

Put aside for a moment your tribal party affiliations and send a few bob to Kelvin Davis' election fund. Adolf already has donated. First time in his life he has contributed in ANY way to Labour or Labor.

Kiwibank Account No 38 9009 0235341 01

New Zealand Labour Party – Te Taitokerau LEC

In a way, I feel sorry for that black arsed dimwit. He's been suckered by the commie white mother fuckers of the far left and when they've got what they want they'll chew up Hone and Titewhai and spit them out. Titewhai won't know what hit her.


gravedodger said...

Sorry Adolph, strategic yes but I just couldn't give those thieving, lying, conniving, belly slithering bastards a dime, even someone as talented as Davis who may be in the wrong party, enough of those in National.
I will wish Kelvin well though but I think there maybe too many addled dumbarse voters on the Te Tai Tokarau race roll to find enough collective intelligence to do the right, I mean correct thing.

Adolf Fiinkensein said...

Gravedodger, sorry to hear that.

For me politics is the art of the possible and the acceptance of the lesser of two evils.

Harawira is by far and away the greater evil than Labour whose candidate happens to be a 'good bastard.'

Anonymous said...

Like Harawira, Davis is just another Bolshevik trougher, opportunist and race pimp. One only needs to ask the folks trying to develop the tidal generating plant on the Kaipara to realize that.

Fuck 'em all.

Anonymous said...

I don't trust the Labour Party with my money, even if I do want them to win this byelection and get rid of the racist commie party. They might syphon any extra funds off somewhere else to help less savoury candidates.

Perhaps someone should set up a Nats for Kelvin fund, and could work with the TTTLEC? But giving them my money directly? Too risky for me.

Adolf Fiinkensein said...

Anon, so you would not take the man's word that every penny would be spent on his campaign?

You must lead a very glum, sour life.

KG said...

" you would not take the man's word that every penny would be spent on his campaign?"

Never mind "glum and sour", if a politician said it was raining a prudent man would look outside to check.
Just as he'd take promises not to introduce legislation against the expressed will of the people with a pinch of salt...