Thursday, May 19, 2011

So what do the rest of us have? "Disdain children?"

Brash was rumoured to have a "love child"

As opposed to those of us whose children are the product of a marriage, presumably. Apparently, "love" isn't involved for children who aren't fathered accidentally by a waster who can't keep it in his pants.

Please, Stuff - most of us were happy to see the back of terms like "illegitimate" and "bastard," but if you really do for some obscure reason still feel the need to differentiate children like this in some way from those produced by people who love each other, let's not call Arnie using his female household staff for cum dumpsters as something to do with "love." It's actually the very opposite.


gravedodger said...

Bullseye P M.
I have two love children one conceived a little early in the relationship cycle but both definitely from true love that endures nearly 50 years on.
Arnie's 'lust' child is still bastard in my vocabulary or illegitimate in politer circles.


It shouldn't be such children branded bastards or illigetimate but both parents.
The kids cannot help it but the parents can.

Anonymous said...
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Psycho Milt said...

Not on this thread, Sinner.

Anonymous said...

Gracious PM, that was almost a religious experience. Morals, ethics, love compared to shagging and forgetting (to withdraw, take precautions, say no etc....)

When you get to be rich and famous do you stop being a waster?

Mort said...

the taking of concubines is an ancient rite usually performed by those who can afford to care for the progeny. Muslims today are bigamists, and a lot continue to have concubines. The presence of a harem can be argued to be degrading to the women involved. But I guess you have to ask the question of whether those women are there of their own freewill as to whether it is moral or not.
Arnie has not neglected his duty here, I'd hope he probably does love that kid.
Its an intereesting question though, will Arnie's bastard have the same claims to his wealth that the progeny of the Shriver/Schwarzenegger marriage will have? I doubt Arnie would leave that issue to the courts, given he is likely to have a team of lawyers looking out for those things, but if he didn't have a will.... how would it stand?

Adolf Fiinkensein said...

It stems largely from the degradation of the English language by hand wringing prurient liberals who can't bring themselves to talk about 'lust' so they substitute the word 'love' and use it as a euphemism when they really mean 'fucking.'

Boopsie Boop said...
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