Sunday, May 29, 2011

A simple question

Is the Labour Party now a spent force with no political traction?

To me they look like a bald tyre.

Headed for the landfill


Lindsay Mitchell said...

On the skids.

Anonymous said...

Wait for the asian takeover after the election and the spin that communist china/asia will be good landlords of NZ. I allready feel that some members of the nation party will profit handsomely and be on asian boards when bill english gives the go ahead for the chinese/asian eventment banks,to buy up large.Shades of shipley,and her elk

Adolf Fiinkensein said...

Anon 1:32

I know her husband is a big bastard but Really!!!!!!!

So why don't you go off and rustle up a few of your mates to buy up these bargains before the Asians get here? Oh, you've got no money....?

Lou Taylor said...

anon, adolf is right, we are powerless to stop foreign money from buying our assets. We have pissed a couple of generations of wealth creation up against a tree. We have even lost the ability to buy a few lousy farms.
No problem for the Chinese though, they have worked hard and saved money. We have flushed it down the toilet for 50 years through laziness and stupidity.And I will bet that you voted for it every three years.

pdm said...

anon - could you explain what an eventment bank is please.

Is the `nation party' going to be Hone's new party after he is not allowed Mana as a party name.

Suggest you concentrate a bit harder when putting your comments together. It might save you from some ridicule. Then again I guess that is why you prefer to be anonymous(e).