Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Opportunity to rationalise.

With many of the capital assets of Christchurch and Canterbury emergency response needing repair or rebuild, is this a once in a millennium opportunity to make substantial economies along with operational efficiency.
As a volly in St J and the NZFS I see many areas for waste as each service make their reinstatement plans. Disfunctional management combined with serious "turf" protection will ultimately prevail unless someone bangs the necessary heads together.
Almost every serious incident will have Police, Fire, Ambulance all in attendance within minutes with zero assessment of need for any or all. With the Earthquakes and a couple of Pacific Tsunami we can add another layer of duplication in the form of Civil Defence.
First CD.
Initial response is completely beyond any capability for a meaningful input from the extensive network of local CD in the major events that have confronted Canterbury. Police Fire and Ambulance train and have systems in place to respond to incidents in minutes to make site safe and secure, save life, save property and mobilise any additional resources needed. Whereas CD spend hours just setting up a response team, head quarters and personel. Yes we need a CD structure to come into play if and when the Initial responders become overcome and it should be a function of regional Government not an adhoc local committee that will rarely be activated and therefore will struggle to make an impact or meaningful response when confronted.

Police Fire Rescue and Ambulance.
Would function with one Comms center, one command structure supported by operational management for delivery of each function in a co-ordinated response. Individual stations dont have to be necessarily integrated but there are substantial savings and efficiencies to be gained if that can occur.

Now would be a great time for management structures and assets to be reorganised in our region as the way forward for the next decades.

Dont let it slip away.


Anonymous said...

Fire and Police share Communication Centres already. There are 3 shared Fire/Police Centres for the country. They are in Auckland, Wellington and Christchurch.

You need to have at barest minimum at least two Centres nationwide for backup and fail over, even routine stuff like trial fire evacuations (fire alarms)has to be allowed for.

Ambo are separate and have their own three Comms Centres which are also in Auckland, Wellington & Christchurch, but different to the Fire/Police centres.

There is a good argument for bringing Ambo into the shared Centres, but as you say there is patch protection to overcome first.

Rufus Redbeard

gravedodger said...

Thanks for your comment Rufus and the additional info, My main worry is a spend on temporary patch ups in the absence of a realistic plan going forward and then being forced to consolidate building and training assets costing more of the limited resources.
Ambulance Leadership, (term used advisedly), it seems to me, think they can stay separate When the true situation from where I sit, is they will run out of capital funds to just continue operations under their current business plan.