Sunday, May 29, 2011

Madam Hilary

My friends in ACT really really did not need this.

Everyone knows Dr Slash and Mr Burn and now there’s Madam Hilary.

What is it with ACT people and lack of political judgement? Why do they get so wound up over ideology and policy that they leave their brains at home when they go to Wellington? First David Garrett and his lies to the courts and now this flannel headed fool who has lent part of her anatomy to the promotion of a brothel in the cradle of New Zealand’s Presbyterian Church. One hopes she has not provided other anatomical promotions for the establishment’s internal décor.

Has she introduced modern marketing techniques to this southern outpost of the oldest profession? Do they have a happy hour? Is there a frequent f****rs points programme? Perhaps the lucky dip – if your ball is drawn out of the bag you get a freeby on Friday. You’ve got to be in to win, you know. Has she negotiated a place in Winston’s little golden book for pensioners? Let’s face it, there’s nothing better to prolong life than a free bus ride down to the local knock shop for a bit of heavily discounted poontang.

She might have disclosed her ownership of the building to the party’s board but I’ll bet pounds to peanuts they got the shock of their lives to find it is their number five list member who is batting her eyelids at this sordid clientele.

Adolf can think of nothing better to drive away the women’s vote for ACT than this latest piece of blond stupidity. So, for Dr Slash to get his magical 15% party vote, Madam Hilary has successfully ensured he has to get 30% party vote from the male populace of NZ.

This evening’s opinion polls are cold comfort for both National and ACT.

Forget about National’s meteoric upward trajectory . It’s the fate of its coalition partner which will be sending the frighteners through the party’s hierarchy. Clearly Dr Brash’s magnetic attraction for voters seems to have been an illusion. Four reputable polls now have him attracting no more electoral support than did Rodney Hide.

If ACT doesn’t ‘sort out its shit’ pretty quick smart, National will be left up the creek without a reliable coalition partner on the right, a counterbalance for the Maori Party. On current polling there is a real chance ACT won’t get enough party votes to gain even one list member.

I wonder how long Dr Slash and Mr Burn will hang around then.


Anonymous said...

Don't think for a minute Wellington is Presyterian like it was 100 years ago. Christians have perceived the place as being worked over by the dark lord for a long time. There are glimmers of light of course - it survived even a Helen Clark govt - but any place that is the seat of govt has to be dodgy.


I accept ACT hasn't made the huge progress as expected.
But the polls have moved a little in ACT's direction, which is a start.
There remains plenty of time for a marked improvement.

Anonymous said...

I cannot see what the problem is! Eyes on a whore-house sign? So what?


Adolf Fiinkensein said...


Just ask yourself how that might help increase the 'wimmins'vote.

Anonymous said...

If she had her tits on it I'd say it was poor form. Nobody knew the eyes were hers until she broadcast the fact.Some may object to her housing a whore-house but business is business.
Does ACT pursue the female constituency? I have always regarded ACT, despite a few women candidates, as essentially a blokes' party and needless to say completely different to the Party portrayed by Damien O'Connor recently.


Adolf Fiinkensein said...

All of which goes to show poor political judgement.

Anonymous said...

I reckon it was the Act brand as well as the poisonous ooompa loompa killing party polling.

They've killed off ooompa but are still left with the toxic brand.

Wasn't John Ansell supposed to be masterminding some new name and branding that would be attractive to allcomers?


James said...

If Women are too stupid to understand ACT and want to remain poor slappers then let them...

Adolf Fiinkensein said...

Well done, James.

Straight out of the New York Times playbook.

Alienate half your target market.

That takes REAL brains.

Anonymous said...

Part of this issue is where an MP's political life starts and ends. Obviously this MP purchased then leased a building before arriving at Parliament. Being elected oughtn't preclude any MP from continuing personal enterprises. There are desirable constraints necessary to guard against the type of difficulty Pansy Wong wound up in, but other than that commercial enterprise should be encouraged for MPs. It may even assist in them actually appreciating the policies which they haphazardly turn into laws.


Anonymous said...

Smears and personal attacks.
Is that the best you can muster?
I guess so, since when you argue on good policy and sound economics you make a fool of yourself.

Heine said...

Adolf shot himself in the foot pretty much right away - "friends in ACT"? Get off the grass.