Tuesday, May 31, 2011

How good is this man Stewy

Crikey Marc Hinton at Stuff was really avoiding the hyperbole in dissing Australia's 'finest' rugby ref after his woeful performance on Sunday evening.
As for me, Mrs Gd thought here he goes again, but my little bro who happens to live 100 miles north, was a little more concerned, sufficiently so, that he rang about 30 minutes after full-time, the delay was due to bro, having to counsel his stock manager who was deemed the greater need, to check I hadn't had a brain haemorage.
I know all the SANZA refs are completely neutral but having a full bench of Aussies at the cauldron that is Suncorp to control possibly one of the more crucial games of the round robin, with probably the most compromised in the middle, was back to the very best of home ground advantage. Cripes even the very unbiased Aussie commentators and the Reds try scorer were waiting for Stupid Dickheadson to call the forward transfer or at the very least one of the "assistant Refs" on the touchline to yell " that was a tad forward".
I know, just read about it in the paper tomorrow but with all the travails that The Crusaders have delt with so well this very unusual year I feel with my modest opinion of right and wrong that that was almost a wrong.


mawm said...

Both sides benefitted. He's just incompetent and inconsistent.

However that touch judge - Leakie - is from the same school of sports officiating as Daryl Hair.

Inventory2 said...

It certainly wasn't one of Stu Dick.'s finer moments GD. He and his team not only stuffed up the decisions you mentioned, but in the lead-up to the final play missed a knock-on and forward pass. Frankly, Blind Freddie should have seen them; they were that blatant.

The final penalty was one of those could-have-gone-either-way calls, but play should never have been at that end of the field had the officials done the job they are being well paid to do.