Friday, May 20, 2011


Further to my post below.
How can we achieve the magical 4% growth pa?
The only way is to produce more.
More agricultural products
More tourists
More manufacturing
More houses
More consumption
Just more...

But in these times that is far easier said than done.

Every government will push the mantra of growth because it is the only way that they can hide the gross inefficiency of churning our money and the unsustainable borrowing to cover the shortfalls. And don't forget having to combat the politician's best friend - inflation.

The reality is that perfected stupidity is grinding us to a halt.
We are fast loosing the ability to grow.
When a pizza shop has to spend $10k on a resource consent to sell pizza, you know we are stuffed. How is that business expected to grow. The only thing growing is some bureaucrat's fat butt.


Shane Ponting said...

Indeed, and when people like yourself call it - the terms "extreme" and "hardcore" are bandied about as supposed intelligent defense of the status quo.


Well spotted Lou.
It is even worse in the UK, where a field my parents sold off for development seven years ago is still going through the planning system.
News of what the new owners are doing finally made the papers this week and the land was already zoned for development thanks to the construction of a new motorway.

Anyway, at least the pizza shop didin't have to so assessements on water courses, impacts on flooding, the wildlife, use of transposrt and so on, as such planning applications have to here.
They can be seen on the websites of Leeds City Council and others.

It does make you wonder whether it is worth the effort creating jobs and income.
For if you actually succeeed, you are also branded a rich prick and the government takes half.

And don't get me started on the carbon emission targets Camoron announced this week. No wonder UK firms are looking at moving abroad.

Anonymous said...

Or of course we could stop supporting bludgers, civil servants, etc - and then those of us in the productive economy would be 50% better off...

naa. to easy.

Nick said...

Lou, you might like this site:

Anonymous said...

we are stuffed, banana republic to come, if not already here.

Common sense long gone dude.

Mort said...

Better watch out Lou, Adolf might remove your posting rights. You might be going a step too far not paying homage to the ones who can do no wrong (despite the fact that a similar budgets lacking foresight and real austerity presented by Cullen was given the ribbing they deserved too).
The Bureaucrats are slowly but surely killing the Western world. It has been one of ACT's failures in this term in govt, that no head way was gained toward cutting red-tape.

Flashman said...


Economic Growth my hairy arse. The entire system is keyed to government approved feed-the-bastard-bureaucrat money making rorts.

In the present instance, where are the break downs of costs that ostensibly go to make up these extortionate shakedowns?

Anonymous said...

The only thing growing is some IRB bureaucrat's fat butt.

I just thought I'd add the key letters.

The key issue is that if we don't grow, the ponzi scheme masquerading as the banking system will collapse. One day soon its going to get ugly.

I enjoyed Kim Hill this morning. She interviewed a man about Chch but I didn't hear it all and get the name. He was exactly right about getting on an doing stuff quickly and involving locals but we will still be having meetings about planning in five years. That darned red zone for example - I can't get in despite good reason to be there but crooks run rampant and strip out hotels.

We are screwed because we have lost sight of a key issue - the need for of doing risky stuff because it helps people. OHS is a bastard piece of social engineering that makes it illegal to follow our instincts to ackowledge a higher moral code that sets us above the animals

Anonymous said...

How about copying what the plant shops do when they ignore the Easter Trading regulations and just do it? Would the resulting fine, (if the powers that be notice), cost more than the Resource Consents fees?

Anonymous said...

Anon 6.58pm. Answer = no, the RMA penalties can be very severe: per individual and per offense - Two Years imprisonment and/or $300,000 fine and $10,000 fine per day or part day for ongoing offenses from date of notice issue and a good chance of award of costs for your own prosecution. For a non-natural person (company, incorporated club, etc) - $600,000 fine plus $20,000 per day plus likely costs award.

Seems a bit draconian doesn't it? And it is - for example the punishment for clearing some gorse from your OWN LAND in contravention of an Operative OR Transitional District Plan Rule will almost certainly result in a greater penalty than say only killing someone while drunk driving.

And if you think that's bad, sections 9 & 11-15 of the RMA are "strict liability" offenses - that is the very lowest burden of proof required (well below "beyond reasonable doubt" & "mens rea" for criminal, and below even "balance of probabilities" & "reasonable man" for civil and regulatory). Under strict liability you really have no defense at all - your only option is to proof that the event didn't occur at all (e.g. even if you as the property owner say told a contractor to only cut a 40sqm level platform for a garage as per plan and while you were away without your knowledge and against your instructions he cut a short driveway as well because he thought he would be helpful - under strict liability both him AND YOU are guilty). The RMA, BA (Building Act) and OSH all have "strict liability" provisions and the relevant authorities all have greater enforcement powers under their regulatory Acts than even the Police for crimes (e.g. right to enter any property and conduct an inspection or search without having to get a Warrant or having to show any due cause, in fact if you hinder the local bureaucrat planning inspector checking you don't have a secret toilet in an accessory building after he's produced ID you will cop an automatic $10,000 fine under the RMA). Truly a monstrous situation regarding Statutory Regulation.

Mort said...

it cost a Hawkes bay couple 100k in fines when they attempted to repair a pre-existing revetment wall when their property was threatened with erosion after a storm.
They were threatened with gaol time