Monday, May 30, 2011


So ACT are going to be labelled as "extreme".
Who cares?
Just target the 5-10% of voters who are intelligent to realise that if you want extremism, look no further than
1. Borrowing our way to oblivion as a country so that we can all live in some welfare utopia
2. Unions pretending that just because a job existed last century it is still relevant now.
3. The Maoris working towards an exclusive apartheid state
4. The greens trying to stop economic activity
5. Parasites like Dunne and Anderson working on their personal retirement schemes.


Lou Taylor said...

sorry about the spelling but am having trouble editing

The Silent Majority said...

And if ACT are extreme then that means that households that try to live prudently within their means are extreme also.

Not extreme, just right.


As I have said a couple of times at my place:

So, let me see, to have ‘one law for all’ is extremist.

To move faster towards a balanced budget is extremist.

To make work pay is extremist.

To let people keep more and more of their money rather than the state take it is extremist.

To have the policies that doubled National’s support earlier this century is extremist.

His words show how much John Key has swallowed the progressivism of the left.

And not just John Key, but much of the electorate too!

Psycho Milt said...

2. Unions pretending that just because a job existed last century it is still relevant now.

The story you link to doesn't say anything about that - it actually seems to be about a bunch of corporate weasels who want to make a whole lot of staff redundant, but not until they've been stripped of their redundancy agreement. Sounds pretty fucking extreme to me.

Anonymous said...

"Unions pretending that just because a job existed last century it is still relevant now."

However taxpayer funded corporate welfare to such noble causes as rugby world cup and peter jackson movies is a-OK jake.

Lou Taylor said...

Milt, the previous owners at Whitcoulls apparently didn't have a cle how to run a book store in this century.The new owners have taken on a huge task of turning it around. Surely the workers, who were very happy to collect their wage every week should also bear some of the fallout.Or they could have thought about what they did for a job and realised that selling books via traditional retailing in a small market was possibly not the smartest career.
move in this day and age.

Psycho Milt said...

The workers, who were paid a little above minimum wage for retail work, should pay for the incompetence of the well-paid corporate weasels who were meant to be running things? Not so much.

Anonymous said...

It is somewhat irrelevant. Whitcoulls failed and someone bought the assets.

It appears they declined to buy the debts as well.

Doh. The other option is for no one to buy the assets, shut the shops completely and send the merchandise to the refuse transfer station.

Anonymous said...

When hone key sells NZ to communist china you people will have no unions no left right centre, just asia