Monday, May 30, 2011

Dr Slash Marginalised

Today's announcement of welfare reform by PM Key has put paid to any chance Dr Brash might have had of convincing the electorate that he and he alone could ring the changes which are needed to bring NZ back to a fiscally responsible state of being.
Mr Key said it was unacceptable that the proportion of working age population on benefits had increased from 2 per cent in 1970 to 13 per cent today.

The welfare system should send a clear message that if you could work and support yourself, then you must, he said.

The majority of New Zealanders will say to themselves:-

Why do we need Dr Slash when Mr Key is doing the job which needs to be done?

They are right. They don't need him and they won't vote for him.


Anonymous said...

A typical cheerleading post from Adolf. How predictable. Key will not go the full hog on welfare, as is needed, he is a pure populist, takl is cheap.

I am voting for Don, so don't speak for me, thanks. New Zealanders and 'they. Arrogant to speak for the masses.

Let's see when the bubbble bursts, really.

Anonymous said...

What anon said. I remember when Key said WFF was commuism by stealth but he has barely touched it. I remember when Key derided global warming then he implemented the ETS. I remember when Key said we were going to see a step-change in the economy and we have the biggest deficit ever. Us Anons are wasting our time commenting here: Myopic sycophants like Adolf and Veteran are the best example of why I left NZ. They're like Key - all bullshit and bluster with no spine. Bring back Roger Douglas, a politician with a backbone.

Anonymous said...

Agreed, Anon. NZ has become such a basketcase, even Australia thinks we're a bunch of leftie, PC nutters.

Liberal, soft and weak.

Such a crying shame. Rogernomics, much needed! I wish. Spine. We had it, once.

Heine said...

And to make it worse, this blog, led by the boisterous Adolf agreed all these Labour policies were madness - only for him to be head cheerleader for them.

At least with Labour you know your enemy. National have been a constant disappointment every time they get back in.

Roger said...

I think we have seen the first of the U-turns by Key, and it only happened because, Brash/Act is there. The strategy is working. Would Key have made any announcement re welfare reform if Hide was still running the cutter into the bank.

Brash doen't need to be on the cross benches - he's effecting change from outside. Bring It On.

Mort said...

Key talks of the assets sell downs and re-investing in other assets? What are these assets? Are they really assets, or are they glorified liabilities (state housing, kiwirail, Kiwibank, landcorp as prime examples)?
Will they do what the electricity sector does and generate real incomes, (although the electricity sector has been used as a slush fund for bend debts of late, and the dividends haven't been exclusively from sales generated activity: another recipe for indebtedness and long term financial disaster).
The expense side of the accounts are being looked at too, but is it tinkering at the edges, such as the failhard suggestions for student loans, welfare for families and kiwisaver?
Just by saying we can't have 13% of the working age on welfare doesn't make it go away. How does he propose to generate the industries to allow these working aged to skill up to be of any use to the employers who will provide the jobs? What about the masses of employed but unproductive that infest the desks of tens of thousands of square meters in Wellington? How does he propose to get them into areas where their efforts actually improve the financial status of NZ?
The answer to these questions will be too hard for Key the pragmatist to come up with solutions for. They involve too much pain, and that may affect the polling.
All of them involve fighting the unions, the greenies/NIMBYists (by abandoning the wasteful and property theft enacting RMA).
The Maori Party will have a thing or three to say about the "assault" on the poor, conveniently neglecting that they welfare recipients are Labour vote slaves with not even enough 'Mana' to exchange some labour for money.

That hard pile of real issues will take more than a few glib sound-bites, a smile and a wave, to actually deal with.

Anonymous said...

Its laughable really to watch the party faithful endorse leaders endorse crap that they opposed while in opposition. There is no hope while we are lead by the spineless.