Saturday, May 28, 2011

The Destruction of Mallard?

Trevor Mallard has been unwise enough to engage in a verbal shit fight with Cameron Slater, aka Whaleoil. He made the fatal mistake of getting physical.

Mallard issued a challenge to Whaleoil to participate in a bike race, to which Whaleoil accepted with the condition that Mallard agree to a boxing match some weeks after the bike race. Mallard declined on the grounds of medical conditions said to prevent him from engaging in contact sports.

Unfortunately for Mallard, various bloggers have noted said medical conditions did not prevent him from having a punch up in the parliamentary precinct and now, someone has brought to the public notice Mallards recent participation in various parliamentary rugby matches. Adolf is not aware of rugby suddenly becoming the preserve of the lame and infirm so it would appear Mallard is getting himself into some epic 'own goal' territory.

It will be fascinating to see how many examples of the phantom Wainuiomartion participating in activities other than lawn bowls or croquet are brought to bear on blogs and in newspapers and on TV channels over coming days.

I think Mallard has finally met his Waterloo.

This will be the greatest trophy ever to hang on the Whaling Wall.

Will we see Clare Curran taking the leadership of Labour in 2012?


Inventory2 said...

Trevor Mallard should remember the phrase that WO uses often - Two things happen when you wrestle with a pig; you both get covered in muck, and the pig enjoys it!

Mort said...

in clare curran's wettest dream. She is fail. look at the crap she spouted on W/O's blog.
She seems to think what she said was insprational. The biggest give away being the bit where she thinks she's from the side of the angels. As if, since when have Unions ever been angelic, or job and wealth creationist. The woman is deluded. Another firm cases of Hubbubs'ville.... Hubbub =head up butt

Anonymous said...

Two assumptions here that people have no evidence for:

1) that Whale would win the bike
2) that anyone else, other than political junkies, CARE.

Most people can see this is nothing more than narcissism two fold in action.

IV2: their BOTH pigs


Doug said...

The Whale Is taking Mallard apart Limb by Limb.