Sunday, April 3, 2011


But 'they' really are a weird mob.

The Veteran and Mrs Veteran are off to Perth shortly he has have been invited to lay a wreath on behalf of the substantial Perth resident Kiwi veteran community who parade as a national contingent in the Perth ANZAC Day march.

I was gobsmacked to learn that the West Australian RSL President, one Bill Gaynor (who apparently is not a 'returned' serviceman) has, for years, refused to accord the NZ Contingent the status it deserves.

This year they are 131st out of 156 in the ANZAC Day order of march, just behind the Boy Scouts or suchlike.

It is a studied insult to New Zealand by an 'Australian' who does not understand the meaning of ANZAC. In other States and in New Zealand we always take pains to honour our OZ colleagues on this day of shared heritage.

But as I said, they're a weird mob. Perhaps it's something to do with the water in WA. I'll stick to beer.


Adolf Fiinkensein said...

Who knows?

His father may have had the shit kicked out of him in Fremantle by the Maoris during WW2.

Redbaiter said...

He might just know how NZers of subsequent generations have so meekly given up everything their fathers and grandfathers lost their lives trying to preserve.

The enemy is within us today, and The Veteran for one example, is completely and unknowingly seduced by them.

He recognised them when they were carrying rifles overseas, but not when they were carrying books in his own country.

Australians are generally not so blind.

The Veteran said...

Redbaiter ... you really talk crap.

So you support an Aust non returned serviceman, someone who never served his country o'seas (like you) insulting my country.

About par for your course.

Anonymous said...

redbaiter think,that thing holding up your crooked back is called a spine ,try having one and be a proud NZr

Johnboy said...

You might spend a bit more time watching the History Channel.

Since that shit has come from Oz it seems like our "big cousins" have forgotten what the "NZ" in ANZAC stands for.

Anyway, did I ever tell you about this Aussie cunt that got shagged by a Croc-----?

Anonymous said...

I wouldn't stand for some school teacher come rear echelon reserve refusing to accord Kiwi's the contingency status they earned.

Go for him and don't back off.


Anonymous said...

Give me a break!.
A Kiwi call out an Aussie? on this?
Mate I lived with you blokes for 26 years and as an Soth African ex serviceman, give me an Aussie to watch my back in a battle every day! At least he would not blame every snafu on some-one else.

I have been in two separate theaters in my life. I lived in NZ for 26 yeras. I received more respect and acknowledgement in the first two weeks in Aus then I ever did in NZ. Here they say, with a handshake, " Good on ya mate!" It's a shit job, but we have to do it!" In NZ , every vet will sit down and tell you how much tougher they had it, how they destroyed 2000 nests on their own and ho every-one else had a picnic.

Give me an Aussie or a Pom or a Yank, to have my back. I know at least they would not have this sad winey, post that you just did. The very reason I am fortunate never to have served with the likes of you.

And that Sir? is from an officer that holds commendations from three nations.

APVZ Laub (CMDR SA Navy )Ret.

Anonymous said...

Jesus! I am sorry but I am so pissed off with the likes of Vet, who comments in anonymity and pass judgment.

You are a pathetic coward. Posyt, like I did under your name, rank and number ( mine is 775536847 PC) and then moan and bitch like any other kiwi toy soldier, about people who actually put their lives out there. (I pity the likes of Apiata and Upham who actually shouldered some freight. What were you? Admin?

APVZ Laub (CMDR SA Navy )Ret.

Jesus I get angry at assholes who winnge like you did in your post.

The Veteran said...

Gueez ... I though dear old Redbaiter was someone to feel sorry for but 'Cdr' Laub gives him a close run for his money.

I do not propose to dignify your post with any sort of comprehensive reply except to say you have a f*****g cheek to denegrate our armed forces.

Since WW2 NZ has fought with honour in Korea, Malaya, Malaysia, Borneo, Vietnam, the Balkans, Kuwait, Iraq, the Gulf and Afghanistan plus numerous UN mandated operations.

Funny, I don't recall too much of a mention of dear old South Africa in any of those.

And I certainly do not need to parade my credentials to a cretin such as yourself. The soldiers I were privaleged to command in combat know them well enough.

Australian and New Zealand servicemen respect each other. We share a common heritage. Bill Gaynor does not deserve respect and neither do you and BTY 'years' is not spelt 'yeras'.

Shot Over said...

Well Cdr (Retd) Laub. I also don't recall ever seeing any South Africans in the post WWII conflicts.

My understanding is that you were all too busy beating up on each other.

I can vouch for the veteran. He's been there and done that.

By the way, be wary of an Aussie at your back. They are not known as "sheep shaggers" for nothing

Murray said...

SA has a navy?

Well who knew.

So whats the deal do we all have to present our credentials and service numbers to this obnoxious boer with a chip on his shoulder in order to be able to comment?

Well for my money if the letters SA turn up in any acronym that scares the crap out of the bad people then I might be itnerested. By given Sa's crap performance in NA and non-attendance at everything else I think me and my five digit number will just continue to express my opinioon without his vetting thanks.

Go kick some civi ass and remind the Aussies you can't spell ANZAC without NZ.

The Realist said...

Despite what has been said, well done Vet for the honour...

Anonymous said...

Goodness gracious. Position in a peace time parade means nothing.

My father, who was in the regular air force before the war began and served overseas, left because he got bumped for on base housing at Ohakea in 1946 by someone in the air force band.

Anonymous said...

Phew.. I am thinking dear old Bokkie, hit the gin bottle early today and forgot when to stop.

It is my limited experience that the Aussies take the ANZAC relationship seriously, and indeed are our mates.

For Bokkie, (bless him) to voice such an opinion, merely shows himself up as a lonely old pisshead.


Anonymous said...

With all due respect the Saffers had a lot of Commie threats in Africa to deal with in the period in question, and Africa is not exactly a benign Continent where its all peaches and cream. An uncle who served in Rhodesia had only good things to say about the Sarfies he fought alongside of.

Murray said...

Did he mention that they'd aquired the right to crap all over New Zealand servicemen with imunity?

Liberty said...

Isn’t Redbaiter an expat Kiwi. Who has been out in the Australian sun to long.

Adolf Fiinkensein said...

I must say I was surprised at Bokkie's outburst. A quick search shows the South African Navy was non-existent for most of WW2 and today is comprised of about one fifth the strength of the NZ Navy - with the exception of four submarines.

God knows what they would use them for as their main theatre of operations these past decades would appear to be shooting up blacks on the banks of the Zambezi and Limpopo.

On the other hand, I'm aware The Vet has served at a senior level in a real army, commanding real troops in a real war. Accordingly I suggest that commentary here and on other posts belittling the NZ military or the Vet's credentials is illl judged and foolish.

Murray said...

Yeah I think we'd covered the ill considered aspect quite well Adolf.

Anonymous said...

no purchase there bedwetter

suggest you just fuck off with your palin photo and dream your little wet dream of going down in a hail of bullets and taking a few 'islamists' with you

as if you would have any idea of what that would actually involve

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