Friday, April 29, 2011

The Thing About The Bush..........

....... is that you have the best of both worlds.

Adolf and the Cook are busy establishing lawns and a vegie garden while figuring out what to keep and what to 'garage sale' as we go from a bloody big house to a small but comfortable place on a quarter acre.

42 km from the city centre and three minutes from the nearest farm supplies business.

The train trip to the city centre takes 55 minutes and costs each way, wait for it, $1.20 so you're nuts to take a car.

Yesterday Adolf wandered about a couple of garden centres looking for fertiliser. Ammonium sulphate along with some high NPK with trace elements. The prices were just too high at $25 for 5 kg of ammonium sulphate and $35 or so for 10kg of some fancy 'organic' crap that looked and smelt like blood and bone with a bit of urea chucked in.

So, it was off to the farm supplies joint for a $40kg bag of Nitrophoska Blue $80 and a 20kg bag of ammonium sulphate $40.

That will last about a year. It's no wonder they grow good wine grapes in the Barossa. The soil here is pretty bony and after five weeks digging and scraping I found my first worm yesterday. In honour of the day's events it was named Hillary Calvert. Anyway, Hillary was shovelled up with a bit of soil and placed in the half full compost bin where she can multiply hermaphroditically (a polite way of screwing yourself) to her heart's content for a few weeks.

Do you know, they actually sell packets of live worms in garden shops!!! I kid you not.


Anonymous said...

You need a cow, cow shit, a horn and some hocus pocus. Anything else is rearranging deck chairs. Even Indian peasants know this.

Oswald Bastable said...

Worms are easy- a few live ones and feed them your kitchen scraps.Ours double their numbers every three months.

phil sage said...

Contrast that with Datchet where the 20 mile, 36km trip to London costs £12 and takes 53 minutes

Mort said...

Afetr years of Socialist Govt our producers are getting as rare as your backgarden's worm.
Mind you, the Last 15 years of Govt has pretty much been treat the producers like worms, keep them in the darm feed them shit/scraps, and walk all over them at any opportunity

Adolf Fiinkensein said...

phil, I must confess that price is 'off hours' travel commenced between 0900 and 1500. Still gives us four hours in town which is long enough to walk to the markets, have a beer and a flutter at the casino and climb back on board for home.

Anonymous said...

The train trip to the city centre takes 55 minutes and costs each way, wait for it, $1.20 so you're nuts to take a car.


Labor party state government. Labor party federal government. 46.5% margianl tax rate.

More socialism.

Anonymous said...

I prefer shaven meself