Tuesday, April 5, 2011


The Veteran and Mrs Veteran are off to Perth so I will be 'off air' until the end of the month.

Redbaiter and the infamous Cdr Laub will need to find another target for their vitriol.

In the meantime can I thank the many of you who have responded reminding me that New Zealand consists, in the main, of decent and balanced people and that Redbaiter and Laub represent the idiot fringe.

I commend to you all the documentary 'Victor 3 - Baptism by Fire'. It screens on MTV at 8.30 pm on ANZAC Day. I am too involved in the production to give a truly dispassionate view of its worth. The Director describes it as 'compulsive and compelling viewing. Look and see. Young New Zealanders at their very best.


The Realist said...

Good on you, Vet. Bring me back a small gift, say a Falcon, or a Commodore.

The Veteran said...

perhaps a razor? ok not, then some nubile 18 YO with legs up to her armpits.



Anonymous said...

Are you marching toward the back of the parade with the others of the New Zealand contingent?

Anonymous said...

I see the life savers and the dog squad(police) are far ahead of the NZ contingent.Ask the Astralians if they know why NZ is in ANZAC??

Anonymous said...

Does this mean you will be outed? Seriously, I'm looking forward to seeing a new take on a war that has remained unpopular right through to the present day.