Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Nuff said

Adolf chips in with the comment of the decade from side show bob over at Kiwiblog.

It is the caption for Barnsley's wonderful picture.

  1. side show bob (3,105) Says:

    Taking a helicopter would have to be a bloody site easier than sitting on a broomstick.


The Veteran said...

The purile state of NZ Labour ..
and does Cunliffe ever wonder why they are 30% adrift in the polls?

dad4justice said...

What Yank city is Peter having problems with the toilet again? Send the Broomforce to fix the saga H2! Over and out.

Psycho Milt said...

Your intense interest in toilets and the things men might get up to in them is very disturbing, D4J. Have you considered seeing a therapist?

Anonymous said...

Where's an open door when you need one?

Mort said...

PM, I think his point is that is it not hypocritical to point the finger at the current crowd in charge, when your own lot used the Air Forces' aircraft as a personal or familial (as the case may be) get out of jail free card domestically and internationally (Syd and LAX Intl to mention but 2)

Psycho Milt said...

I think his point is that he has an extremely unhealthy obsession with gays and public toilets.

As to the rest: yes it was hypocritical, although the instances you mention of Labour doing it don't ring a bell. Got a link?

Anonymous said...

lets not allow ourselves to be distracted by the "husband" of a political figure being done for moral turpitude after trying to procure a 14 y.o rent boy for anonymous gay sex in a public restroom.

stick to the issues please

Seamonkey Madness said...

PM - happy to.

Same deal here though really. They are allocated so many hours for training a year. Why not put it to good use.