Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Move over NASA

440,000,000 air miles per year.
That's the equivalent of about 900 return trips to the moon.
Or 2.5 trips per day.

At least it is all related to running our economy in an efficient manner, great value for money and vital to our economic well being.


singularian said...

Well, happily we have the ETS in place which will offset, if not completely mitigate, all those air miles.

I can feel the air clearing as all that horrible carbon pollution is swept away using yet more of our money as a soak.

Of course, Dr Nick would be responsible for very few of those air miles as he understands how important it is to our childrens futures that the horrible carbon pollution is reduced significantly by taxing the shit out of us.

I wonder what a FOI request for Dr Smiths air travel would reveal?

Mort said...

it would reveal he passed hypocracy 701 with flying colours, thus entitling him to his doctorate in talking bullshit and stealing other peoples' hard earned

Anonymous said...

Well they certainly made Rob Fyfe's job a lot simpler! His results with the government's expenditure pared away would be humble.