Friday, April 29, 2011


Adolf idly wonders:-

  • Will we see for the first time ever, a party leader taken to court by the Securities Commission?
  • Will a certain Mr Huljich appear miraculously on the ACT party list?
  • After carefully considering the new ACT leader's skills and strengths will PM Key, after the election, offer him the Ministry of Women's Affairs?
  • Will Dr Brash find he's come along a little late to the party when he sees National's campaign manifesto for November 2011?
  • If he wants to be Finance Minister, won't he need at least 45% of the party vote?


Anonymous said...

Will Adolf ever see politics as not just a game that screws over most of us who hate it?

Heine said...

Ha ha ha. Nationals 2011 manifesto Adolf? It will be business as usual, with as many smiles and waves as possible. Perhaps a continuation of the WFF, a continued effort to own rail, airline etc.

Na, Brash will be vindicated, as will those who leave to join ACT.