Sunday, April 10, 2011

McCully, Call Canberra

Adolf and Whaleoil have long led a campaign against NZ and Australia's ridiculously unprincipled and draconian policies toward the Bainimarama regime in Fiji.

At last the the Liberal Party in Australia has woken up.

Spokesman Julie Bishop has this to say.

Ms Bishop says China is moving into areas where Australia and New Zealand are leaving gaps.

"We must focus on our region - and our region includes Papua New Guinea and the Pacific Islands - and I believe that we are losing influence there," she said.

"We have to think very hard as to whether that's in our national interests and the interests of our region."

and later

The Deputy Opposition Leader has also called for a new approach to Fiji.

She says while the Government should not condone the country's military regime, it was clear the current approach had failed.

"It's some years since we imposed sanctions and we have to ask - are they being counterproductive," she said.

"Are we actually achieving a return to democratic rule. I don't believe we are."

Straight out of No Minister and Gotcha.

You'd think if three years ago, a couple of right wing bloggers could have seen this coming, somebody, anybody in the halls of Australasian foreign affairs might have had the brains to say something to their masters.

Apparently not.

Time to wake up, McCully.

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Murray said...

You know where I stand and why Adlof, am I unprincipled and ridiculous as well?

Maybe you could put a time limit on your blind support for a military dictatorship being just being the bees knees for us.

In the meantime why not spend some time listening to some of my bothers reports from Fiji. Before he gets taken to the barracks and has the shit beaten out of him as well as the many of the local journalists.