Monday, April 11, 2011

Labour's 'Truthers' - Updated

I nearly spewed, laughing into my Nutri-grain this morning.

Give that man a DB. Give him a whole bloody carton of DB!

Damien O'Connor, that is. Well done.

His “self-serving unionists and a gaggle of gays” will be remembered for all time and ranks right up there on Adolf's list, along with John Tamihere's 'plotting scheming frontbums.'

Come to think of it, he does look a bit like Crocodile Dundee.

Meanwhile David Farrar has gone off in a huff.

Update: Adolf had a sneak preview of the confidential, closed doors, 'in committee' Labour caucus meeting. And here's Damien O'Connor's apology - word for word:-

Fuck youse all!



The issue is not so much the insensitive launguage that O'Connor uses, which wasn't that bad after all.
It is what led to him to use it.
Liarbour has over promoted many gays way above their capability, simply because they were gay.
And when they were found wanting and committed all kinds of sins, their sexuality became a focus for comments and taunts.
Their sexuality had little to do with their troughing, they were just troughers and incompetents who should not have received the high office and perks they received.
This experience has somewhat tainted the image of gays in Liarbour and elsewhere. Chris Carter and co were not good role models.
And with Liarbour supposedly pumping out more gay MPs , it fosters an image of a party that discriminates against straight people.
This leads to the comments we get today which are branded as 'redneck.'
We also see today where 17 year-old Denis McClay says derision of gays made him consider suicide.
So we should be wary with anti-gay commentary.
However, I believe that much is fuelled by the political correctness of the Liarbour Party.
On the one hand, straight guys feel discriminated against by a 'protected species' and when these over promoted gays fail, they look ridiculous.
Thus, Liarbour's political correctness is buggering it up for the country's gays.

Adolf Fiinkensein said...

A most astute comment, Fairfacts.

Anonymous said...

I agree with you wholeheartedly Adolf.
Christ I would give him whatever brand of weasel piss he wanted.

It just proves to me that the labour party has evolved into nothing more than a "cult party". It has absolutely no "mainstream" appeal.

I have heard through the grapevine that the pacifica vote is on the wane, and if a party was to rise that recognised them for the working backbone of this country ( which in many ways they are) the labour pacific vote would simply evaporate away.


baxter. said...

I think you9 should make that a Monteiths not DB. and he is of course dead right.

Anonymous said...

"buggering it up for the country's gays."

Ha, ha.

Why did Labour go this way though? Someone seriously gay must have driven it as there is no point in it otherwise.

Redbaiter said...

"Someone seriously gay must have driven it"

Yeah, wonder who that could have been??

Anonymous said...

Goff, King and Cunliffe arn't gay, and they hold the top three places on the list.

Damien just hasn't performed well, he's old wood. MMP is taking a bollocking from all this perfect timing.

Anonymous said...
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WAKE UP said...

"...self-serving unionists and a gaggle of gays"

Yup, Helen's baleful legacy lives on.

Anonymous said...

Dont get to excited, this trougher didnt say to much when the lesbia-opps former pm hulen clark called his voters (FERALS) and what did the trougher O'Connor say (FUCK ALL,you go helen)The trougher sees the gravy trains ending soon

Anonymous said...

"Goff, King and Cunliffe aren't gay,"

That's like saying I murdered women and children but was only following orders so its not my fault.

Goff was being shafted like a toy boy for years by the poofter wing but is too dumb to see it. I actually feel sorry for the schmuck. He should be grateful he can quit and pocket the super. Its enough to be comfortable on and, of greater significance to a socialist, is still someone else's money.

Never in the field of politics has someone so mediocre been paid so much by so many.

Falafulu Fisi said...

So, in other words, Labour supporters are hangin' around in K'Rd at night time, looking to pick up blokes?

Adolf Fiinkensein said...

I wonder if anyone has noticed that Damien O'Conner, arguably, is the only member of the Labour caucus who might identify with and attract the vote of Chris trotter's Waitakere Man?

kevin said...

Damien O'Connor is like a pork pie at a synagogue, so out of place.

Anonymous said...

So let me get this's OK to offend the electorate with offensive remarks and/or lying but if a member should dare to express the truth to his colleagues...

Anonymous said...
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Anonymous said...

one wonders if farrar doth protest too much

Flashman said...

Helen Clark and Les Luvvies: the gift that keeps on giving.

Lucia Maria said...

We also see today where 17 year-old Denis McClay says derision of gays made him consider suicide.

Anyone contemplating committing suicide has a lot more going on than just what other people think of them. This has been my experience to talking to two of them, who had both attempted suicide a number of times. Contemplation and acting on that is also a huge leap.

James said...

Maybe a bit of that much touted but little seen "Christian compassion" towards Gays instead of unending calls of "evil sodomites!" and "die in Hell fairy!" would go some way to reducing theses issues Lucia...?

Heine said...

Yes James, Lucias attempts to brush over that suicide issue was rather callous.
Denis specifically said he felt suicidal due to the pressures he lived under because of his “secret” and the smallminded attitudes of others around him.
He lives in a world where people like Lucia have said his sexuality is a “choice” and that until he repents for this sin, he is going to hell.

Anonymous said...

You can debate the morality of the gay issue all you like but if there is a God of the bible He says that being a practising gay is not good news. That doesn't make it more sinful than other stuff but not liking the rules doesn't change what the bible says. If you don't believe, it makes no difference in this life so why worry? The only certainty is that you can't have a bob each way.

Heine said...

Plenty of non fundy christians and gay christians that would disagree Anon. Some people, think it's a choice that prayer can "fix". That is why religion belongs in the stone age.

Anonymous said...

Religion does but Christianity doesn't H. If Christianity is bollocks and gays don't believe it then it doesn't matter and said gays have nothing to worry about except how to tell Christians to piss off.

Good luck at the Pearly Gates.

WAKE UP said...

The current Labour party is exactly like National was immediately post-Muldoon - they all sold their souls to a "glorious leader", then lived with a fundamental lie at the core of the party, and none of them know who they are any more (if they ever did).

WAKE UP said...

"Liarbour has over promoted many gays way above their capability, simply because they were gay."

Which is why the wheels fell off for Carter and Tizard, when Auntie Helen flounced off to Noo Yawk, leaving no skirt for them to cling on to.