Thursday, April 21, 2011

Labour BeLittled

Events of recent months have reduced the Labour Party to less than a shadow of its former self. There won't be much for Andrew Little by the time he gets there.

All that is left is a 'gaggle' of amateurish incompetents, none of whom appears to have a clue about real politics. It is a strange mix of Monty Pythonesque Clouseau-like characters snooping around looking for dirt on John Key, dullard ex shop stewards, exuberantly useless fourth form pranksters and fully depreciated political matrons whose busts and bums have fallen along with their party's poll ratings.

In all this there are two sources of great sport:-

  • What will their next dumbarse stupid trick be? God knows.
Hot on the heels of Goff's palpably foolish 'strikingly beautiful' honey trap came the strikingly stupid bus trip to nowhere followed by the strikingly dumb 'axe the tax' slogan when they would themselves continue the tax, followed by the strikingly wealthy bleeding beneficiaries, followed by the strikingly sordid Darren Hughs' imbroglio followed by Damien O'Connor's priceless honesty and now the idiots declare they are going to flout the laws of the land and continue on with their juvenile 'stop sign' campaign.

Laurel and Hardy look like scholarly sages compared with this lot.

So, what on earth will they do next? I'm at a loss to imagine anything that would top their recent performance. It's almost got to the stage that if one of their MPs was caught having his or her way with a Hansard steno behind the Speaker's chair, nobody would blink.

  • What will the next batch of opinion polls do for what's left of Labour?
My guess is a further decline to maybe 24% party vote or less. It doesn't matter how low they go, it's too late for them to change horses now. But by golly, someone in there needs to take Phil Goff into Labour's version of the Head Master's office and give him six good whacks over the arse with a cane and tell him to stop the bloody nonsense and try to act and look like a party leader. The same Head Master needs to make sure that there are no more blunders like the stop sign fiasco.

Of course it will not happen because there is no Head Master or Head Prefect anymore.

They are both in New York.


Anonymous said...

The Head Master/Mistress/Whatever is only a phoner call can't be happy.


Anonymous said...

Perhaps they like a little beating. Ask BP from Dunedin South
Blue Coast

Barry said...

Youve left out the Americas Cup contract that was announced yesterday.
Key could hardly stop laughing when asked why they'd given $xx millions to the cup team....
"Well, we had to as per the contract the last labour government agreed to"

Anonymous said...

Morons they may be but National only look good because Labour are so terrible. Being better than terrible is nothing to brag about.

WAKE UP said...

The curent Labour party is exactly like National was immediately post-Muldoon - they've all sold their souls to a "glorious leader", lived through a bunch of lies and deceits, and none of them know who they are any more (if they ever did).