Tuesday, April 19, 2011

The Impossible Acheived

President Mbama has managed to achieve the first downgrade of the United States' sovereign credit rating in twenty two years. S & P have moved them from 'stable' to 'negative.' Not only that, the black assed jackass runs a serious risk that in the near future, the US will lose its AAA credit rating status, one the country has enjoyed since 1917.

Incredibly, Mbama's juvenile answer to this disaster is to campaign for more borrowing, more spending and more taxing.

Isn't it amazing how this all sounds so familiar as tax and spend Goff heads for the political brick wall?

Adolf looks forward to November 2011 and November 2012 with eager anticipation.

If S & P drop the US back to AA+ or worse, then the GOP could put up any one of its half dozen dead dog's dongers and it would win.


Simon said...

S&P have called it. Zero’s government is not credible. Big win for the Tea Party.

If US govt debt interest rates hit 5% then annual US government interest payments will be $700 billion. Currently annual US govt revenues are $2.3 trillion.

Free market to teach all state worshipers a lesson.

Over time the free market always wins. In Greece govt bonds have hit 20%. NZ's future if the looney left get back in.

On the plus side for Zero’s Admin apparently Tim Geithner managed to file his tax return on time.

Anonymous said...

The first (non) downgrade in 22 years? That means the first downgrade since the one that happened under Reagan! Oh but but but he's a hero of yours! Even so, Bush has an awful lot to answer for, what with those unfunded military adventures and tax cuts for billionaires. Nice work.

Jol Thang

mawm said...

S & P Nov 2010 -The ratings agency said it was revising New Zealand's foreign currency outlook to negative from stable, citing a widening current account deficit

Adolf -You are full of piss and vinegar. Don't blame Goff. Your beloved Key & Co have done exactly the same with their failure to address government spending and their continued borrowing of $300 million per week.

Anonymous said...

This portends towards disaster.

At best the man is utterly incompetent, but combine this with his chip on the shoulder and a life spent in the company and tutelage of rascist, socialist wreckers and corrupt politicians and you get the end of the US as we know it. It'll be 'someone elses fault' when that great nation crumbles. All that is required to tip the table is a natural disaster [a la Christchurch or Japan] and nobody will lend them red cent.

Anonymous said...

You don't think that spending all those countless trillions on the "Oil for Zionism" crusade across the Middle East had anything to do with it?

Psycho Milt said...

Two possibilities:

1. If S&P could rate banks and finance companies on the verge of bankruptcy AAA but are considering downgrading the US govt, shit things must really be bad.


2. Perhaps Obama has neglected to bung S&P's owners the amount they charge to rate bankrupt organisations as AAA.

My money's on number 2.

mawm said...

PM - Like they did for Enron, Lehman and Bear Starns.

Anonymous said...

"If US govt debt interest rates hit 5% then annual US government interest payments will be $700 billion. Currently annual US govt revenues are $2.3 trillion."

Then they will just print some more money. Do you know anything about the subject?

Anonymous said...

To rant on about the US being in the crap now and its all BO's fault is laughable. Its been in the crap for years - since 1913 probably. BO is just the last in a long line of people who couldn't or wouldn't make a difference. The US empire, like many before, is on the way out. It won't be the last but it sure was a short time in the sun.

Anonymous said...

No Hope and F*** all change for your dollar these days

Mort said...

When was the last budget surplus produced in the US?

WAKE UP said...

America, always looking for an instant fix (bless 'em) elected an instant disaster. You'd better hope they fix it in '012 or we're all stuffed.