Thursday, April 21, 2011

If He Was White.........

.......would he have been elected President?

I don't think so.

Can you imagine some gangling skinny big eared corn seed red headed hick lawyer from Idaho with a teleprompter under each arm getting the same adulation from the Antique Media as did this gangling skinny big eared black hack lawyer plucked from the back streets of Chicago?

I don't think so.

As each day goes by, more and more evidence of the vacuum which exists between his ears becomes available.

Today he gave the most extraordinarily ignorant answer to a TV reporter who asked him 'Mr President, why are you so unpopular in Texas?'

Obama looked like a possum in the headlights for a few seconds and then mumbled something like "Well, Texas has always been a Republican state, you know, for historical reasons."

Never mind that LBJ was a Texan Democrat and never mind that Texas was solidly Democrat during the Civil War and for long thereafter, in fact right through to 1972.

America needed a president and they voted for a symbol.

Unfortunately they got a cymbal. Shiny exterior, lots of noise, nothing inside, no substance.

The media had to manufacture George W Bush's gaffes. Today all they have to do is wait at the end of the presidential assembly line and pick them up off the floor. Ready made.


Jol Thang said...

You lambast someone for a poor grasp of history (falsely, as Texas has been Republican for 40 years) and then in the same breath incorrectly assert that the media manufactured Bush's gaffes. Who do you blame for yours, socialist pixies?

pdm said...

It seems the left are rallying around the world. Darien Fenton has a post over at Red Alert about the dangers of Donald Trump becoming President.

Anonymous said...

My intellectually challenged friend, 1972 (mentioned in the post) is nearly 40 years earlier than 2011 (current year).

No-Thang between the ears I suspect.
Do try to keep up, sparky.

Ford Anglia

onelaw4all said...

"Never mind that LBJ was a Texan Democrat and never mind that Texas was solidly Democrat during the Civil War and for long thereafter, in fact right through to 1972."

Reading comprehension FTL?

Jol Thang said...

Yep, so for a whole generation Texas has been conservative. You girls just admitted it.

Anonymous said...

Jol Thang, unable to comprehend the meaning of "always". Is there a primary school remedial reading class missing a student?

Anonymous said...

No-Thang. I pointed out you are logic impaired. I don't care whether Texans are Democrat, Republican, Freemasons, members of Cosa Nostra or Tulip worshipers.

You mince around the ether with your glib vaporbabble pretending to be one of the liberal elite, when clearly you are not.

You come across as someone blessed with a North Korean level of education, as you demonstrate the cognitive functions of one of their propaganda voiders.

Do try to keep up, sparky.

Ford Anglia

Jol Thang said...

So you're seriously asserting that because Texas almost half a century ago voted for a Democrat for President that saying that Texas has always been sort of Republican counts as a gaffe? You really need to get out more.

Seamonkey Madness said...

The media manufactured Junior's gaffes?

What planet are you on - the moon?

onelaw4all said...

@Jol Thang

In case you didn't know, the BLUE boxes represent Democrats and the RED boxes represent Republicans.

Or are you happy to go along with BO's notion that "history" started in Texas about 40 years ago.

Heine said...

As a proud supporter of George W Bush I know his gaffes were not media created - they were honest mistakes and they were just exasperated by the left. Realistically he was more honest than Clinton who got more respect simply for being more articulate.

The very second he won the election he was never given a chance. The spoofs and ridicule directed at him were endless and not once did W fight back or criticise people for doing so. His behaviour since stepping down has proven that he is respectful and well meaning and should have been given more of a chance that he didn't get.

Psycho Milt said...

Ignorant indeed. The correct answer is, of course, "Because only steers and queers come from Texas."

dad4justice said...

But Milt, we have truckloads of queers thar lurk in that contaminated Beehive Ranch!Moo all the poo.

Blair said...

I've lived here in Texas for what will be a year and a half this coming Tuesday, and I have to say, I love it here. But it certainly ain't "historically Republican", and I've met a helluva lot of staunch Democrats in my time here. Until last November, the district I live in had had a Democratic congressman for 28 straight years. Just because Texas hasn't sent Democrats to the Presidential Electoral College since 1968 means nothing in a place where there are literally elections going on all the time. And in those elections, up until relatively recently, the majority of people elected were invariably Democrats.

Until 1996, the Republicans had not held a majority of Texas State House seats since the 1860s. In fact, in 1966 they held a grand total of ONE seat in the State House. If that's your yardstick, then Texas has only been "historically Republican" for about fifteen years, and the Democratic Party is still very strong here. Obama is showing his ignorance.

Anonymous said...

Poor Jol, you really should get out and study more of American history, especially that of the South, the civil rights movement and the politics of the Democrats. You might learn something and also understand why Obama's gaffe was outstandingly ignorant (deliberately so or otherwise). Here's your starter for 10, the party that opposed the civil rights act in the south was (a) The Democrats, (b) The Democrats or (c) The Democrats. If you get that right you can then probably write a short essay on why the South historically voted firmly Democrat and hated Republicans. After that you can maybe turn your vast intellect to explaining the shift since the 1970s (hint, around the same time the Democrats became a party of the "intellectual" effete of the coasts and turned their backs on the south).

Jol Thang said...

"you really should get out and study more of American history"

You say that, and then proceed to get your facts wrong in the most moronic fashion imaginable. The Civil Rights Act was passed by Johnson over the dead bodies of most politicians in the South, including all Southern Republicans in both the House and Senate, who probably liked having separate lunch counters and drinking fountains. The South was lost for the Dems has a consequence.

Anonymous said...

Yes Jol, over all the Southern politicians. Now go count how many of those were Republican. Here's a hint, you can do it on one hand. Now how many were Democrats? That's right, dozens upon dozens. Don't try to revise history for the sake of Obama, the deep racism was firmly entrenched in the Democratic party. LBJ was reviled by the party for getting the act through, but not by the Republicans who pretty much were the driving force of the civil rights act. Inconvenient history if you want to pretend that racism divides neatly on party lines.

But at least you concede that Obama's silly statement was so much hot air.

Jol Thang said...

A Democratic administration passed the Civil Rights Act (with a huge majority of Dems in support) and the South has been largely Republican at federal level ever since. The facts appear to have upset you so much that you've abandoned them in favour of some sort of bizarro alternate history. Or perhaps that's how things played out on your planet.

Anonymous said...

And just to preempt Jol's next attempt to smear the Republicans by claiming that the "conservative" "racist" Democrats left the party in disgust after the civil rights act passed, let us not forget the paragons of segregation to died/retired firmly with their Democratic boots on:

Robert Byrd
Al Gore Sr.
J William Fulbright
George Wallace
John Stennis
James Eastland
Russell Long
Herman Talmadge
Richard Russell
Lester Maddox
Orville Faubus
Bull Conner

to name but a few. Many of them key to the party politics throughout the 70s and 80s. Hell, even Byrd was senate leader during the 80s!

There was only 1, count them, 1, southern Republican senator who voted against the act. Compared to the 1, yes 1, southern Democrat senator who voted for the act (20 voted against).

10 southtern Republican representatives voted against it, compared to 87(!) southern Democrats who voted against it (7 for).

So Jol, tell us again how the South has always been Republican?

Anonymous said...

Oh I'm sorry, Jol is using the Clinton defence... it depends on your definition of "always".

Anonymous said...

"A Democratic administration passed the Civil Rights Act (with a huge majority of Dems in support) and the South has been largely Republican at federal level ever since."

Oh dear Jol. While true, the problem with this is that the huge majority of Republicans also voted for the Act. It was only in the South, which was a firmly Democrat bastion with a bare handful of Republican representatives, which voted against it and there it was the overwhelming majority of Democrats who did so.

So, yet again. Obama was wrong, the south is not historically Republican. The Republican party is not historically racist as you wish to portray. The Democrat party did not rid itself of those segregationists in the years following the passage of the Civil Rights Act, in fact many stayed on as powerful members of the party! That Obama made a silly statement is clear and you're just looking a dick defending him.

Jol Thang said...

"There was only 1, count them, 1, southern Republican senator who voted against the act."

That's 100% of them cracker. All 10 of the Southern Republican House reps also voted against. That unanimity has been rewarded as the South has been pretty much Republican at the federal level ever since. Remind me which way Goldwater voted? Actually you don't have to.

These days of course several of the current crop don't like the act eg Rand Paul, who would repeal it if he could.

onelaw4all said...

"These days of course several of the current crop don't like the act eg Rand Paul, who would repeal it if he could."


Hint: Your anal recess does NOT count.

Anonymous said...

oh poor jol reduced to racial slurs? really? puts you in good dixiecrat company.

so to summarize. obama said texas has always been republican. jol agrees with adolf by noting there was only 1 southern republican senator (who happened to vote with the majority of southrrn democrats). but jol still thinks obama is correct, that republicans are racist and the democrats aren't. my my jol, do you get paid to be such a political whore or do you give it away free like some slut with daddy issues?

Anonymous said...

Ha ha Jol, who's your Daddy? Yeah beetch, Obama's your Daddy.

So totally owned, Jol, you'd better take your heart medicine and crawl back to PA where they won't contradict your racist little ideas.

Jol Thang said...

Your summary is as poor as your grasp of US history and political analysis chief. At least you seemed to have cottoned on to the reason why the Republicans have been politically dominant in the South at a national level since the passing of the Civil Rights Act.

And you need to toughen up a bit. "Cracker" could only be construed as a racial slur by an overly sensitive PC freedom-hater. You poor dear.

Anonymous said...

Oh poor Jol, you seem to have a passing acquaintance with basic debating skills so your wee bait-and-switch could almost work. But please... Obama said "always", Adolf noted it was not "always", and as FOrd noted 40 years is not "always", but you seem to be flip-flopping around a bizarre definition of "always is sometimes if I want it to be but the Republicans are raaaacccciiiiisssssts and the Democrats arrreeeennn't".

So come on Che, errr Jol, please just post up your definition of always so we can see what you really mean.

onelaw4all said...

""Cracker" could only be construed as a racial slur by an overly sensitive PC freedom-hater. You poor dear."

Or it could be construed as the typical projection of a Progressive hypocrite.

How's that source coming along for your smear of Rand Paul and his southern colleagues?
Or is that more projection also?

Anonymous said...

You must be feeling a little sore after the reaming you jiust took. Perhaps next time you could try some lube. You'll find it in the personal hygiene section of the supermarket

WAKE UP said...

America, always looking for an instant fix (bless'em) elected an instant disaster. You'd better hope they fix it in '012 or we're all stuffed.

Psycho Milt said...

...but jol still thinks obama is correct, that republicans are racist and the democrats aren't.

That certainly would be incorrect if expressed as an absolute. However: first, it's not obvious that Obama has made such an assertion; and second, it's not even vaguely close to a summation of Jol's argument.

On the other hand, maybe Adolf's right and Obama mistakenly using the word "always" for something that's merely decades old betrays a tendency towards hyperbole that renders him totally unfit to be PotUS - nah, sorry, I'm just not seeing it.

Anonymous said...

Nah Milt, CheJol tried to make his usual pissweak arguments about racist Republicans when defending a silly gaffe by Obama being taken off-script. He'll sulk off to ObjectFart now.

Anonymous said...

Narcissist lefties always leave some giveaway as to their existence.

Random dribblings about race and history, kind of like a badly written doctoral thesis on... race and history.

A weird obsession with America after spending a few weeks in the country and believing all the self-loathing lefty pap the place produces.

A devolution into snide insults when cornered, followed by threats of violence (never quite got that far here though).

Probably the same muppet as Judge Holden who infected Cresswell's blog, since who else would you choose as a covername except a murderer from dystopic American literature if you were a lefty America hater who dabbles in rubbish writing.

But mostly, the inability to come up with a good cover...


Kurt said...

I thought that Adolf banned Judge Holden (a.k.a Jol Thang) from making further comments or postings here?

Adolf Fiinkensein said...

If Jol Thang breaks the blog rules as Sludge Holden did, many times, he too will be removed.

Thus far his behaviour has been impeccable.