Tuesday, April 5, 2011

I Thought It Might Have Taken A Bit Longer

On the day Parliament resumed (I think) the leader of the new Mother Fuckers Party (hattip Whaleoil) broke his cosy agreement with the Maori Party wherein he would have a free run for the 2011 election in the Te Tai Tokerau electorate. I opined, a little bravely, that we would see the MP tear up the agreement and run a strong candidate against Harawira and beat him.

Just two weeks to the day and the game appears to be on.

The Maori Party will review the non-aggression pact it made with its former member and Te Tai Tokerau MP Hone Harawira, after continued criticism by him of the party.

Party president Pem Bird said the party had received complaints by some members claiming Mr Harawira had broken the agreement, which states: "It is agreed that we will focus on the issues rather than the personalities, and will not speak disparagingly of each other."

Yesterday on National Radio Mr Harawira said that one of the frequent criticisms he hears about Maori Party MPs is that their constituents"never see their MPs any more".

Harawira, his ratbag hapu and followers are a disgraceful blot on Maoridom and the New Zealand political landscape and the sooner they are despatched to the swamps of Awanui where they belong, the better.

The search will be on for a top quality candidate. I'd be looking for capable people with names like Cherrington, Henare, Pomare, Whiu or Davis. Non starters would include names like Mutu, Harawira, Piripi and Peters.

Adolf is a little out of touch with who's who in Northland these days but people need to remember the electorate takes in a great swathe of metropolitan Auckland as well as the nether regions of the north.

Anybody got any suggestions?

Interesting times.


Blair said...

My old friend Billy would be a great Northland MP. His full name is Wiremu Tirekatene-Sullivan. Nothing more need be said.

barry said...

Yes - Hone is a mad man - but doesnt he make life interesting......Its going to be fun watching him and the party. Almost as good as watching Goff trying to explain his shortcomings.

Oh - and forget Tirekatene-Sullivan. That family has been sucking on the taxpayer teat for years and have done NOTHING for maori

Anonymous said...

"Non starters would include names like Mutu, Harawira, Piripi and Peters."

Well, lets box on as normal and start with them then.