Friday, April 1, 2011

He (they) is risen.

Paul Henry and Phil Rudd all in the same day. It is a sign I tell ya.

Rudd is allowed to continue his career and the kiwi broadcasting equivalent of Chuck Norris is back on the air in July replacing the ginga plant whisperer with a hint of TV work as well. The only thing that could make this more awesome is if Henry replaces Campbell and has AC/DC playing on his first night on TV3 at 7 pm.
All is good tonight.


Mort said...

interesting indeed. TV3 would offer a real choice again if they got rid of that insipid limpo Cambell and put Henry in the slot and gave him the freedom to flail government and assorted asshats for their simpering wetness and general alround communist tendancies. He could leave the fawn of the socialist twats to the other mob of socialist twats, and then we could see what the public really like to watch. Alas, I fear the TV3 editors are all too leftist and would rather just fawn over people who should be chided for getting in the way.

Anonymous said...

Wake up. A choice of idiots is still not much choice. The govt crap is impenetrable today unless you want to risk incurring their wrath, real wrath and no one in media is tough or, more importantly, ethical enough.