Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Dr Bumblefoot's Last Stand

Adolf has watched with amazement as the media and the shouters from the uber-right go into a frenzy over the ever clumsy and gauche antics of Dr Dopey Don Bumblefoot Brash.

If ever there was needed a reason for the ACT Party to reject this latest nonsense out of hand, here it is:-

Dr Brash has commissioned a nationwide poll to gauge the level of support for him as leader of Act versus Act under incumbent leader Rodney Hide.

He expects the results next week, after the Act board meeting.

How could anyone have any confidence in a self professed 'leader' who is too dim witted to commission a poll in time for the results to be of any use? Surely he might have organized his damned poll to give a result BEFORE the ACT board meeting?

And have all the people in ACT forgotten Dr Brash's appalling handling of the the Exclusive Brethren debacle? Have they forgotten it was a debacle created by his bungled handling of the media?

When Dr Brash was National Party leader, Adolf defended him like hell in public and cringed every day as Brash stuffed up his media image and his political delivery. He was a walking disaster.

Perhaps, dear friends in ACT you have forgotten what it is you are wishing for?

Here's a timely reminder.

Dr Dork walking the plank.

And here are a few more reminders of political reality.

  • Do you idiots REALLY want to see the left go ape shit with joy as they reprise all the lies put forth by that ratbag Hagar?
  • Do you REALLY want a party leader who is too dumb to keep his private e-mails private?
  • Do you remember that appalling picture of an inept Brash trying to squeeze into a too small racing car for a photo op? Any one with any brains would have seen the trap and avoided it. But not Dopey Don.
  • Do you really want the baggage of John Banks? Another yesterday's man who couldn't win the unloseable Auckland mayoral election?
  • Why are you so keen to bring back all these well performed losers?
Do not mistake this post as Adolf supporting Rodney Hide for leader.

I have thought for sometime that he has had his day. He could have avoided all this nonsense and damage by arranging to quietly relinquish the leadership and have John Bascowan installed in good time for the upcoming election.

It is my guess many senior figures in the National Party will be watching the manner in which Dr Brash is carrying out his 'negotiations' with ACT and will be saying to themselves 'Thank you but no thanks. This is not the sort of fellow who can be part of today's team. He'd be almost be as bad as Winston."


Anonymous said...

While what you say may be true I suspect he wants the job because he cares about where we are going and he perceives National don't. Him not being smart politically is of little consequence really until you have to play in the same sandpit has a bunch of troughers, racists, control freaks and losers.

I think Rodney will lose this time and serves him right for being a love smitten idiot who forgot what he stands for. There is no one ethical on the right at the moment.

Adolf Fiinkensein said...

Anon 3.06

You give it away here:-

Him not being smart politically is of little consequence

Any party leader, above all else, has to be politically smart. The fact of the matter is that politics is all about dealing with troughers, racists, control freaks and losers. Yo9ur man showed his inability to deal with these people last time round.

You are backing a loser. He's the wrong answer for your problem. The right answer is staring you in the face but for some reason you want to ignore him. He has a record of winning, in case you hadn't noticed. (namely EFB)

Anonymous said...

I will risk my vote with someone politically naive like Brash because he has a clearly enunciated plan. His concern for New Zealand is not poll-driven lip service.

Small wonder the Nats spin machine is overheating it's bearings
The rest of your selection of sleek and glib weasels aren't worth a tin of fish in my book.

The Hagars of this world are a sideline irrelevance, of no productive value. What they may or may not say has no bearing on the country's future.

KathM said...

The last time that the Brash/ Banks team via failed Auckland Mayor candidate Colin Craig ran a poll on Epsom, the question was phrased as if Act/ Hide was not standing. Despite this Hide/ ACT still got 14%. If the poll question is not published, the result is dubious.No doubt the ACT board will require the question.

A team of Banks/ Brash/ Craig and possibly Muriel Newman as deputy is a putsch not a positive policy programme. The process matters in politics as does political nous.

Adolf Fiinkensein said...

I'm strongly drawn to the conclusion that Dr Brash knows the results of his poll will not bear out his contention that he is the putative saviour of the right.

Redbaiter said...

Rather have Brash with all his faults any day than the ideological traitor John Key.

Brash has a vision for NZ and does not just want to be PM because of some pissant boyhood ambition.

(Key BTW is not immune to gaffes himself, remember the fag on the catwalk? For just one example)

dad4justice said...

Don Brash is not a smart arse lying John Key. National is wimpish sick joke!And I thought Liarbour were scum of the earth!

Blair said...

When Dr Brash was National Party leader, Adolf defended him like hell in public and cringed every day as Brash stuffed up his media image and his political delivery.

Rarely do you articulate so succinctly your lack of principles Adolf.

And if Brash was so terrible, how come National was ahead of Labour in the polls when he got pushed out? Yes, people like to forget that, don't they? Doesn't fit their spin.

Anonymous said...

Did some hack from The standard write "Dr Bumblefoot's Last Stand"?

Nick said...

Can I suggest that most here haven't looked past the end of their nose.

Brash would be leader in name only. It is obvious he doesn't have a clue about politics. The politics will be taken care of behind his back, probably by John Banks. When Brash is past his use by date, Banks will take over.

Then the Act Party (it won't be called Act by then) will be full of social reactionaries like Colin Craig.

That should please Blair.

Anonymous said...

Don is at least honest and open, and isn't all about being a celebrity. Key has made quite a few gaffes actually, and yes, wants to be PM, and is PM, to rub his own gigantic ego.

Yuck yuck.
Love the Don, (and the MSM had it in for the man)...

Psycho Milt said...

Hey, look, let's not be too hard on Brash. Many of us out here would love to see Brash and Hide take competing right-wing parties to 2 or 3% of the vote each, hell call it 4.9% each - as long as neither of them wins an electorate seat...

Anonymous said...

You mean the poll on Epsom that has just been released?

Adolf Fiinkensein said...

Blair, your concept of 'principles' is both juvenile and naive.

The principle uber which I have always operated is that when you belong to a team, you do not slag off your own side in public. To do so gives comfort to the enemy. You work from within to bring about change and you accept the status quo until you are able to bring about change. If you are unable to bring about change, you leave the team. It seems you have done more than your share of leaving.

Your attitude is no better demonstrated than by the current chaos in ACT. God, it must be a nightmare trying to organize such a pack or irresponsible, know all brats.

Anonymous said...

OK Adolf, what time do you want the organised cheering to start for Neville Key?

That nice Mr Key is really doing a great job aye Adolf, and after all, what's $300m a week between friends.

Just as long as your team wins aye Adolf.

Anonymous said...

Psucho You are going to be disappointed.
If Brash forms a new party
Brash will take the Right vote plus the Libertarian vote. Act is History.

Adolf Fiinkensein said...

Big Bruv, you exhibit all the characteristics of a demented loon.

Yes, winning actually is quite important, if you want to bring about any real change.

You guys who want to reprise Roger Douglas's blitzkrieg 'policies of the eighties' might consider just how useful it would be for The Left (Goff, Winston, Normal et al) to be back in the chair in 2011.

That is the inevitable result of your prescription. Unfortunately, the patient would be dead before remedial medication could be brought to bear.

Nick said...

No you're totally wrong Liberty. Under that scenario, Act is not finished, it merely carries on with a different name and different leader.

Matthew Hooton said...

I think your calling Dr Brash "Dr Dork" is going a bit far. You used to support him. Maybe you don't now. But I think you should be a little kinder.

Adolf Fiinkensein said...


Only a bit far?

Faint praise, indeed.

Anonymous said...
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Nick said...

And maybe you should start batting for the team you play for Mr Hooton. The enemy is across the other side of the street and is coloured Red. That should be the colour of your face: quelle embarrassment.

The Right in this country continually beats itself up, with the best examples over the last month coming from you.

Adolf Fiinkensein said...

Big Buv has just taken a month's holiday.

Anonymous said...
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dad4justice said...

Fuck off big bruv you cowardly creep!

Anonymous said...

No wonder people dislike the right. Full of boisterous, rude, redneckers.

Yick yuck. Oh so coarse! Angry old idiots.

Anonymous said...

ACT as a brand is toxic.
It is past its use by date.

Flashman said...

Let me guess...

The next chapter in the playbook is to go feral smear monkey on Doctor D's private life?

Matthew Hooton said...

Flashman: yes, you are right. Hide, Nicole, Diack and the three others in the RodneyBunker will soon attack Don for his sex life. The idea he can't keep it in his pants will conflict with their other story that he is too old to ...

Heine said...

The Nats would like to see Brash come back - especially those who secretly admire the man for giving the National Party their mojo back in 05 setting them up to beat Helen in 08.

I find it very hard to believe that every Nat is like Adolf - who wake up with a brand new political philosophy every 2 to 3 years or when the new blust of wind blows into the leaders office.

The Brash faction of the National Party know they cannot topple Mr Key while the polls are riding high. So they find a few friendly journos, pay Hooton to do the black op work and run a few random polls to try and push Brash in under the ACT banner. If Brash increases the ACT vote then the Brash Faction can dictate to Key their wishes in November.

Nick said...

Flashman: yes, you are right. Hide, Nicole, Diack and the three others in the RodneyBunker will soon attack Don for his sex life. The idea he can't keep it in his pants will conflict with their other story that he is too old to ...

You're wrong again. Just like Diack proved how wrong you've been on many things over the last few weeks.

Anonymous said...

Adolf 26/4 8:49pm refers to Roger Douglas' blitzkrieg policies.This sounds the same as Clark /Cullen saying those policies were the failed ones of the past. As if socialism worked. Muldoon led the National Party so far to the left, and left the country in dire financial straits. Muldoon seems to fit Adolf's idea of good politics,and never let principle get a look in.

Adolf Fiinkensein said...

Anon 11.27, you are a fool.

Hitler's blitzkrieg was eminently successful and left behind it many corpses. Roger Douglas's policies too were eminently successful and left behind many corpses.

You might have overlooked the inconvenient fact that John Key promised before the election he would NOT blitzkrieg the country again as was done in 1985.

Dr Bumblefoot's supporters would have felt right at home in a 1938 Nuremburg rally.