Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Dr Bumblefoot - The Sequel

When games are played like Dr Bumblefoot's last stand, it always pays to look behind the facade to see who benefits.

Benefactor 1 - John Banks.

Banks has the money to fund the polls and the PR campaign and is politically ambitious. He always has been. I doubt Banks wants to return to parliament, but he could be a good party president for a party led by Brash. As party president he would be instrumental in choosing candidates, raising funds and setting the policy. The funds come easy to Banks. Even though he is a Bumblefoot, Brash will attract candidates, as will Banks. Adolf is certain that Banks will "find" hard line ultra Christian conservative Colin Craig as a top-shelf candidate. You see, for Banks it removes Craig nicely from Auckland, allowing Banks to run for the mayoralty in 2013 uncontested.

But it's the policy that current Actoids should be wary of. Banks is a hard-line social conservative so Act's liberal vision is demolished. Makes it hard for the likes of Heather Roy to campaign for a ultra social conservative party methinks.

Benefactor 2 - Heather Roy

Next-to-useless even with her army uniform on behind a full frontal creeping artillery barrage, Roy's disgraceful performance as a disloyal deputy to Hide was unlikely to be rewarded in the slightest come list selection time. She might have made top 15 on a good day. But top 15 now might squeeze her in to parliament if Brash's bravado is to be believed. Of course she might bat her eyelashes at the men and put her lipstick on in the vain hope of persuading even the most hard line board member to vote for her. So she might rate top 10 if she's lucky.

Adolf's spies are informed that the PR man for Brash is also the PR man for Stephen Franks. Readers will remember when Roy was put in her place by the Act party last year that Franks was by her side, spinning like a top. Franks also loathes Hide from way back apparently. Adolf is informed also that Roy has loyal acolytes in the Act on Campus crowd and these members have been sending virtually identical emails to Act board members yesterday urging them to accept Brash as leader. Adolf asks who scripted these emails? Yes, dear readers, Heather Roy's dirty mits are all over this. She was gone under a Hide led Act, but can see a glimmer of hope under a Brash-led Act.

It appears Rodney Hide did suggest a few scenarios to Brash. But it seems Dr Bumblefoot is not only a bumbling buffoon, he might be able to read an abacus, but he cannot comprehend English. A suggestion is not an offer. Hide was in no position to offer anything as the Act board makes the decisions on candidates, not the leader. Then the Bumbling Buffoon, Dr Bumblefoot, writes Hide a letter in a threatening tone as if he intends to leak it if Hide doesn't cave in.

That is blackmail.

But the best is left for the end.

If you want to become a leader of a party then you have to join it. Then you subject yourself to the list selection process and enter parliament. Then you go about becoming leader. Act is no different here from Adolf's National. But it seems Dr Bumblefoot believes these rules do not apply to him; he would rather conduct a hostile takeover without joining; and without going through the candidate process.

Someone should remind Dopey Don of the slogan he so enthusiastically preaches to the country - what's it called? Oh yes, One Law For All.

Well folks, there's one law for ACT party members but not for Dr Donald Brash, it seems.

He's above the rules.

ACT may well have a problem, but Dr Bumblefoot is not the solution.

He's just an additional problem, worse than the current problem.


Psycho Milt said...

Looks like Heather's fans have been visiting your post and rating it.

I like the bit pointing out Don's personal attitude to "one law for all" - are any of us really surprised by it?

Mort said...

Brash has seen a similar leadership coup from the Coalition in Qld witht he result being Labor are gone for all money come next election, despite the stirling effort in front of the camera Bligh put in infront of the cameras.
The same can and will work for Brash.
Is a more effective ACT, which can drag the National Socialists back something closer to their founding statements not in your interests Adolf?

Flashman said...

Rodney Hide has a history of looking for donor-friendly white knights to offer him a side-saddle at election time.

The last one was Roger "Father Jack" Douglas.

The next one was supposed to be Doctor D.

That's our Rodders....

Anonymous said...

Garner summed it up on radio live. Without Brash ACT is gone (in its present form) because Rodney won't win. With Brash they have a chance. The choice is easy if ego's get put to one side.

It is unfortunate that to be successful in politics it seems you have to be something many people dislike - slimy. Oh for a few good apolitical men.

Heine said...

Interesting post, especially in light of your spies. I agree that lack of loyalty should not be rewarded - re Roy. If she is as involved with this latest nonsense as you suggest then this poisonous woman needs to be the first to walk the plank. If we get to have a chance to list our preferred candidates I will not hesitate to rank her last.

This sideshow is most likely the last possible straw for ACT this time round. Brash and whoever else was involved in this truly amateur circus have set the centre right back several years.

The AOC acolytes that you speak of are keeping their heads down at the moment. None are publicly saying they would follow the new Brash led party.

Anonymous said...

Talk about a third rate set of commentators way off target.