Friday, April 1, 2011

Cupid stunt needs a thesaurus

Firstly, let me say that while the ipad2 is the single most awesome bit of kit EVER.. It is not blogger friendly.(hence the clunky links) Going to have to go back to a laptop as the urge to be a hater increases as the election gets closer.

Anyway. The asshat that wrote the story needs to understand what a victim is. Clearly people squashed in earthquakes qualify but gang affiliated crim scum Maori fuck wits.... Not so much.
You be the judge. Click through and marvel at the 12 year old anonymous stuff writers efforts.

Note to Steve Jobs;
Hey mate, I know you are barely hanging on but can we please have a USB port and mouse option for ipad3?

Thanks buddy.


Psycho Milt said...

See, first you're going to have to come up with some means for Mr Jobs to authorise which USB devices you're allowed to use, based on which ones are letting him clip the ticket. The current USB setup, in which anyone's allowed to use any USB device without paying Apple a red cent, is plainly unreasonable and unsustainable. Good luck...

Agree re the shooting "victim." I recommend never pointing guns at cops - it's always worked for me, never been a "Police shooting victim" yet.

Barnsley Bill said...

Another thing we have in common, although I did try and knock a Bobby's helmet off at the 82 CND march in London. Got a kicking for that. As an explanation to the regulars I went with a girl who had teachers for parents and very large tits.
As for Apple. He might be sick but FFS WHAT IS WITH THE NORTH KOREAN STYLES when it comes to sharing.

Murray said...

"Dangerous Armed Offender Shoved In A Hole" might not have sold as many papers and it wasn't part of their agenda to tell the truth.

Tits is a valid excuse for such behaviour Bill.