Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Could It Possibly Be.......

.....that John Key is sending today some loud signals to ACT?

In the event Dr Bumblefoot's assault is repulsed on Saturday, I could not have imagined stronger encouragement for ACT to have Rodney move over graciously and allow John Bascowan to lead the party.

John Key has given him his lifeline.

Prime Minister John Key says that Rodney Hide would keep his ministerial portfolios if Don Brash rolled Mr Hide as leader of the Act Party.

Adolf reads that as 'would keep his ministerial portfolios if anybody rolled Mr Hide as leader of the Act Party."

The door has been opened for an orderly succession after the coup is repulsed.

As far as Don's Party goes - well it will attract the extremists from the right and, who knows, it may well serve at least one useful purpose. It will bleed off a whole lot of votes which otherwise might have gone the way of Winston Peters and could well turn out be the major factoir in keeping the most despicable politician ever, out of office.

So, what happens to Brash and Banks if ACT goes into the election with John Bascowan as leader, standing in Tamaki; Rodney Hide No 2 on the list and withdrawing from the electoral race; with National mounting a vigorous campaign in Epsom with its own strong candidate?

Does anybody seriously think the astute voters of Epsom will back a party of right wing ideologues and reject their own party of steady as she goes, carefully measured and sure progress?

I don't think so.


Anonymous said...

You are going to get some serious egg on your face.

I'll vote for Brash or fact even Winston ....before a National candidate or Hide.

Epsom Voter

Adolf Fiinkensein said...

Well well well. There is at least one brainless voter in Epsom.

DS said...

Since when have the "Far Right" voted for Peters? Moochers and the greedy old fools vote is his target audience.

Indeed you are going to get serious egg on your face here.

Adolf Fiinkensein said...

Serious egg is nourishing.

Over recent weeks I've lost count of the number of disgruntled fundamentalist Actoids declaring their intention to vote for Winston.

Anonymous said...


Are you sure they're fundamentalist Actoids? If they are, they're pulling your leg about voting for Winston First.

As for slow & steady progress - I think Epsom voters would be happy to see any progress, but Blenglish loves those Labour tax & spend policies too much.


Mort said...

I have never voted anything but ACT since MMP's inception, but they weren't going to get my vote this time. National Socialists wouldn't have gotten my vote either, all because unlike those 2 parties I can't vote for Socialist policies, and so unbelievable I was left with little or no options other than Libertarianz. A rekindled ACT under Brash offers that alternative. I believe Brash to be Man of substance and conviction. It is this conviction which will brings votes over to ACT. If previous elections are anything to go by, it could be 5-7%. Not all of those will be from National, indeed there will be a great many expats prepared to vote again in NZ if given something half way decent to vote for. If ACT can get 7-9% of their vote, it makes it makes it near on impossible for National to simply carry on like a Paedo at the Playground, buying sparklies to impress the victims, all the while destroying their very futures.

The trinkies and wasteful spending will stop. Bloated Govt depts will get the trimming they so need, and NZ can get back to concentrating on producing rather than obstructing the producers.

mawm said...

Well well well. There is at least one brainless voter in Epsom.

Yes guilty as charged...........I party voted National last time.

Epsom Voter

Flashman said...

I give up.

Who is this John Bascowan [sp?] that you're boostering to lead the tainted brand that is ACT to an electorally sun drenched upland?

I honestly dunno anything about the dude.

And I suspect that's true for those tens of thousands who are needed to click over the magic 5 percent thresh.

Anonymous said...

Hey, so what happens if Rodney resigns from ACT.

He is still the MP for Epsom, so would ACT lose their list seats?