Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Career guidance for soon to be ex-mp's.

Once I had stopped laughing at what Kamikaze Goff and his collection of goons had done to labours chances of returning to power next year I have been considering what they are actually qualified to do.
I came across this job today and despite the lack of formal qualifications most of them are behaving like space cadets anyway.

Any thoughts on other potential roles for the soon be unemployed?


Ciaron said...

D'ya reckon they coud run a broom?

Anonymous said...

I was just listening to radio Live while out in the car. Two callers in a row think Goff is the one,the media are to blame and Labour are wonderful and are in with a chance.

I don't like politics of any persuasion really but making a fantasy a reality in your mind (but no where else) by wishing because actual reality doesn't suit you is simply stupid. Something needs to change and maybe that's Labour's core problem - fundamentalists dreaming the dream of a socialist utopia run by a gaggle of gays and self serving trade unionists whose dream has replaced reality.

Anonymous said...

Something needs to change

For whom?

The answer is something HAS changed

What NZ is seeing now is nothing other than the change that hit eastern europe in the early 1990s - the end of communism

(and remember that people were actually Freer overall in say Poland in 1985 than NZ in 2010!)

The west has finally rejected communism and socialism. Labour's vote should never recover - if Key has the guts to work his mandate and wipe them out.

Anonymous said...

they have parliamentary superannuation schemes which will c ontinue to pay the bastards 6 figures every year until they die, so theoretically they don;t need to do anything. The Sullen one managed to get the paymesters to give him a 6 figure salary, while he destroyed the last credibility of a once profitable company.
Unfortunately for them the dog litter collectors positions at the local council will have been aplied for by the TSA equivalents, so the Labour MPs would have shit show of actually getting somewhere close to being employed.
Maybe they need to go back to visit their old mates in Palestine.

WAKE UP said...

The current Labour party is exactly like National was immediately post-Muldoon - they've all sold their souls to a "glorious leader", lived through a bunch of lies and deceits, and none of them know who they are any more (if they ever did).