Thursday, April 14, 2011

And He Wonders Why?

One of our fringe dwelling uber right shouters let his electorate MP know of 'his concerns,' about what, one is not entirely sure but one can guess.' He proceeded to blog about it.

I wrote to my current electorate MP setting out my concerns and, as is typical of the arrogance of the current government, I did not receive even the courtesy of a reply.

Maybe he did not deserve a reply.

A very astute electorate MP, methinks. Much more important business to deal with these days.


Anonymous said...

Oh, you can't be serious. MPs get ever more arrogant by the day, and no wonder, with your blasé attitude. They are meant to be a servant of the people not vice versa!

kevin said...

Hard to beat an actual face to face meeting if it was that important. Banging off an unhappy letter might not be the answer. MP's have admin folk to weed stuff out, maybe it got binned?

Shane Ponting said...

Strange...I generally get the courtesy of a reply from Nat MPs although it's generally one where they say we are right you are wrong have a nice day.

Anonymous said...

I got a reply to an email that said the Minister was too busy to reply. I was answered so fast it was obviously automated so I sent another (and got exactly the same response) just to confirm who was working for whom.

I did get a well reasoned personal reply once from Tandzor and regretted ever after telling him to get a haircut and a real job in the street.

pdm said...

I have sent my electorate MP Craig Foss two or three emails over the last couple of years. I have always had the courtesy of a reply and usually an explanation of his views on the matters raised.

Sometimes it is a week or two before the reply is to hand but I have no problem with that.