Friday, March 4, 2011

Wood Shot Out of Bounds

Congratulations Derek Cheng from the Herald.

What an excellent sense of humour.

Meanwhile, Labour candidate Michael Wood visited the Manukau Institute of Technology, where he struck a chord with many people.

Trouble was, most of them, like Mr Wood, did not live in Botany and cannot vote tomorrow.

Oh and by the way, from what I've seen of young Mr Ross I would NOT expect him to remain on the back benches for nine years.

I suspect he will become NZ's youngest ever cabinet minister.


Anonymous said...

"youngest ever cabinet minister"

God I hope not, while I do not doubt this kids (and that is what he is) enthusiasm he has done nothing in life.

At the very least he should serve two or three terms before even being considered for a cabinet job.

Adolf Fiinkensein said...

big bruv are you auditioning for 'wanker of the year'?

I need to remind you that in 1941 there were plenty of twenty-one year olds who were RAF Bomber Command squadron leaders- including a number of NZers and Aussies. These guys had the power of life and death over some 400 to 500 men.

In my view it would be quite sensible to put Mr Ross into a ministerial position during his second term IF BY THEN HE HAS DEMONSTRATED TO THE PM THAT HE IS FIT FOR IT.

Simon said...

Pitt the Younger was 24 and a professional politician when he became PM in 1783. He was ridiculed for his youth, but did a dammed fine job in bringing closure for the loss of the American colonies, reducing national debt, and then his leadership during the Napoleonic Wars. He died, worn out and gouty, in 1806. Pitt disproved the presumed disadvantage of youth with his ability.

I like the death-bed words atrributed to him: "Oh, my country! How I love my country." Or, "I think I could eat one of Bellamy's veal pies" (I wonder if that is Brownlee's thought?).

Anonymous said...

Fuck off Adolf, you are the very worst type of hypocritical cheer leader.

Had this kid been a Labour MP you would be screaming that he has not had a real job in his life.

Tell me Adolf, at what stage did you decide to put your brain in a jar and cheer on command?

Anonymous said...

Where's the knife John? Always watch for the knife. Just saying.

Still, at least Simon Power's ego will be adequately replaced.

Adolf Fiinkensein said...

Big Bruv, now YOU can fuck off. Enjoy a month's holiday.

Blair said...

He will have until January 2017 to outdo Phil Goff and become NZ's youngest cabinet minister. Which is nearly two terms of government, and plenty of time.

However, he only has until March next year to become the youngest Minister of the crown, which may be a possibility following the next election.

sprog said...

Brain in a jar... now there's something National Ministers can really aspire to.

Anonymous said...

I need to remind you that in 1941 there were plenty of twenty-one year olds...

They were forced by circumstances to act well beyond their age and death awaited failure (and success as well for many when luck ran out). I think it is a silly comparison as the worst that awaits this fellow is political wilderness and even that probably requires he be a complete and useless shambles. I am in debt to my father's generation but this guy will take whether owed or not. Like most of you, I don't need him.

Adolf Fiinkensein said...

Anon 10.23

Welcome to the ranks of dumbarse know alls.

They were volunteers.

One of them went on to be the CEO of Shell Gtoup in Western Australia in 1970. He was just a country boy by the name of Ron Douglas from an orchard in the deep south.

Angus said...
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Anonymous said...

If this thread is any indication of the future of the website. It is going down soon or it wil be one guy talking to himself. The rot started over the christmas break.

Anonymous said...

The adversity of war produced many a man out of untested youths.

Untested youths on $140,000 salaries in "seats for life" may take a little longer.

Wasn't the Morris girl very young for a Cabinet Minister in the 90's?

Rex Widerstrom said...

You're all forgetting Deborah Morris, made a Cabinet Minister at 26.

And as good an advertisement as to why such responsibility should not be placed on such young shoulders as you'll every find.

There's no connection between bravery (as displayed by RAF Bomber Command Leaders) and wisdom and it's rare to find "an old head on young shoulders".

Having never met Ross I can't say whether he has or not, but past history doesn't bode well...

Cactus Kate said...

Jami-Lee is a candidate of immense promise. While his achievements on paper may only extend to politics he is good at one thing - winning.

What I like about him is that unlike other "young" persons in politics with no career behind them, he doesn't preach to people about things he doesn't practice himself.

That is, he is immensely less irritating than other Labour and National MP's, most whom have tertiary education and believe that just having a University degree means they can tell adults how to behave and how their tax dollars should be spent.

Jami-Lee didn't even finish High School with any qualifications yet will wipe the floor with all of them in the debating chamber.

I agree that he will go on to be a Cabinet Minister. And a good one at that.

Anonymous said...

Dumbarse I may be Adolf but not so dumb that I will ever endorse a politician running my life for me.

Blair said...

Rex, Deborah Morris was never a Cabinet Minister. She was a Minister outside cabinet. As I say, Ross has until March next year to outdo her in that regard.