Sunday, March 20, 2011


Deborah Coddington putting the boot in, ACT certainly doesn't need any enemies. You can read her diatribe here

Clearly Debs and Rodney have issues but clearly also she has become to ACT what Sue Bradford was to the Greens ... an embarrassment and a wasted space.

For me, and while some of the more visceral comments directed at National by Actoids are offensive, the simple reality is that in an MMP environment National needs coalition partners ... and ACT is one of those partners. We can agree on many things. We can agree to disagree on the pace of change.

We should not get mesmerised by the stellar polling enjoyed by John Key and National right now. Times change and the political pendulum swings and if National is to win a third term we will need ACT there especially given the likelihood that United Future will disappear into the dustbin of history and that, post Phil Goff and under new leadership, there will be some sort of rapprochement between Labour and the Maori Party.

It will be a very big call for National to heed Coddington's advice and campaign hard for Epsom. It is not a decision the Board will make easily or quickly and especially not on the advice of a woman scorned.


baxter said...

I agree the vitriol is largely unjustified and obviously personal. HIDE can hardly be blamed for the blowout in costs for Auckland City. He strongly opposed most of the elements that were wasteful and costly, and Aucklanders themselves knowingly voted for a big spendmaster and his likeminded cronies.

Anonymous said...

slagging off ACT sells papers. the sheeple of NZ have had benefits, handouts and govt answers to their problems for decades now. Any person who comes along and tries to sell a different approach is shouted down.
Obviously there is bad-blood between Hide and Codswolloper, and its only fair that a columnist has a go at the hypocracy. But, as with most people out there, Codswolloper will provide what the editor pays for. Forget that she was once a MP for ACT, that matters naught for a journo. 98% of them are lickspittles who continue the lies and editorial slanting so people will cosily stay inside the I must pay my taxes, and do as I'm told by the Overlords in Govt routine, primarily because they are dulltards who couldn't earn an income any other way.

Anonymous said...

We dont need Act there in November, but we will need a party of principle on the right to replace them as a long-term cornerstone.

Lets hope the Brash or Banks mob get it together then it will be the end of Rodneys Hide.

Adolf Fiinkensein said...

What a wonderful sting in the tail.

Heine said...

If you look at the alternatives out there who would want to be in coalition with National - you're lucky :)