Thursday, March 31, 2011

Too Good To Miss

This little bobby dazzler from Transtasman, entitled "Play of the Week."

Smiling And Not Waving

Taking shots at Phil Goff ’s Labour Party at this point is a bit like shooting fish in a barrel, so we’ll pass it by and talk about…. oh, what the hell. Pass the six-shooter.

It has been a constant lament over the past year by Labour’s spokesperson for working out ways to manipulate the media, Clare Curran, that the country’s journalists are not focusing on the real issues facing NZers. The lament can be boiled down to “just because Labour keeps doing stupid things doesn’t mean the media have to report it.”

While to some extent she has a point, this is a bit like someone embarking on a career in professional fishing objecting to the wetness of the ocean. A good rule of thumb in life is you can’t change someone else’s behaviour but you can change your own.

In this case, ensuring Labour MPs don’t do stupid things in the first place might be a more effective course of action than moaning about how the media doesn’t quite see things the same way you do. Labour did try this week, with its first post-Darren Hughes caucus meeting.

Labour’s MPs emerged from the caucus room after a few hours with the biggest collection of cheesy insincere grins you are likely to see outside a joint convention of television evangelists and used car salesmen. The smiles were there but the eyes just strobed unease. It capped off a fortnight of political misjudgements: general incompetence; disunity; and now insulting voters’ intelligence.

If the caucus is unified behind Phil Goff and genuinely thinks he did a good job the past fortnight, Uruguay will win this year’s Rugby World Cup.

Hey - television evangelists and used car salesmen!



I particulalrly enjoyed Barry Soper this morning and Brian Rudman yesterday.
Liarbour has made themselves a laughing stock and it is up to all of us to extract as much fun out of them as we can.

Anonymous said...

One policy can sink the smarmy banker. Tax free threshold below $30,000. Pay for that with tax increases for those earning above $100,000.

Anonymous said...

We should not forget that seeing someone stupid doesn't mean someone less stupid is brilliant.

gravedodger said...

"NZ labour struggles with unsympathetic media"? Is that relevant to todays date or a popular Wairarapa based beer

bobux said...

anon (10.54)

I hate to point out the obvious, but even if the tax on earnings above $100,000 was increased to 100%, it wouldn't cover the cost of a tax-free threshold of $30,000.

It would, hovever, ensure the nearest place you could go to consult a doctor, engineer, accountant or lawyer would be Sydney. Good luck with that.

Anonymous said...

Tax free threshold below $30,000. Pay for that with tax increases for those earning above $100,000.

that's not even communism by stealth.

It's open communism.

How about a more serious policy: 33% tax rate up to $30,000 - zero tax rate over $100,000
along with a zero corporate and trust tax rate.

That's more like it.

Anonymous said...

nearest place you could go to consult a doctor, engineer, accountant or lawyer would be Sydney.

It's already the case that if you want to consult a competent, non-socialist doctor, engineer, accountant or lawyer you have to go to Sydney.

I don't see why bludgers should be able to see professionals in NZ while any productive Kiwi has to head to Sydney!

Anonymous said...

Great post.

It must have taken a great deal of self-restraint not to have included the words ni**er, black bastard or coon in the post.

Adolf Fiinkensein said...

Anon 1:52, you are a moron.

A nitter is person who makes socks and the only coon I've seen thus far here is in the cheese section at Coles.