Monday, March 28, 2011

They're Running!

Yabbies, that is. For the first time in over ten years, residents of the Murray River banks and environs are enjoying their favorite local delicacy. God knows where these little fellas have been for ten years but they are back.

Yesterday Adolf and the Cook cruised up the Sturt Highway for a bit over an hour to visit SOTC and hubby. A couple of cans passed on the banks of the swollen river and then back home with a bucket full. Yabby tail sandwich. Lightly doused in vinegar and smacked between two pieces of bread with a bit of salt and pepper. No quite haute cuisine but by hell it's hard to find better.

I must say that a Holden Vectra equipped with a 6 cylinder 3.2 litre motor is a wonderful highway machine. Huge acceleration over 100 kph.

Changing the subject, I'm amazed at the number of big fat arsed young Mums with big fat arsed kids to be seen frequenting supermarkets. The problem is not school tuck shops. It is the lack of brains between the ears of the big fat arsed Mums as they sweat and groan, dragging their unattractive bloated carcasses from car to trolley to check out.


Anonymous said...

If you're in a Holden with a 3.2 litre 6 then you're driving a Commodore, not a Vectra.

Murray said...

My mother used to feed me during the weekends by supplying bread and butter. I just went down to devonport warf and pulled up half a bucket of whitebait.

I used to throw a lot back because I had so much.

Adolf Fiinkensein said...

Anon, that might be so in NZ but not in Australaia.

I give you engine type Z 32 SE DOHC, 3.2 litre, 155 KW at 6200 RPM

Anonymous said...

Adolf Fiinkensein i drive a toymota corolla 1.8 vvti 100 kw out of 1800cc, you were driving some underpowered holdingtogether probably with piss poor handling,if it was good it would be on sale here in NZ,and if it is in NZ its doing stuff all in sales
TOYOTA corolla leads sales every month

Adolf Fiinkensein said...

Anon, you're welcome to your clockwork Jap meccano set.

Adolf Fiinkensein said...

Butter, Murray? BUTTER?

Shitting dogs, man your old Mum should be in jail.

And I'll bet it was WHITE bread.

You had me until the bet about throwing some back.

No bugger EVER threw back whitebait.

Psycho Milt said...

i drive a toymota corolla 1.8 vvti 100 kw out of 1800cc

Never ceases to amaze me there are people who are unfeasibly proud of the fact they drive an anonymous piece of automotive whiteware.

Adolf Fiinkensein said...

Quite so, Milt.

It's like comparing a lot of farting against a small amount of thunder.

The poor bastard in the Corolla wouldn't even make it to the first bend on Panorama.

Anonymous said...

Perhaps those Aussie lard a#ses could lose some weight by pushing the Corolla.

May I suggest a Jag XJS, V12, 5.3 litres (aka the 'Black Beast')? - thundering elegance and grace with pace. So much torque that it makes ricies wet themselves at the lights. Mind, @ 15 - 17 mph, the petrol bill will make your eyes water. But, if you can't afford to fill it, you shouldn't own one.

KG said...

"Mind, @ 15 - 17 mph, the petrol bill will make your eyes water."
I bet it'd be even worse at 80mph. ;)

Anonymous said...

My income is way above the average..

Filling my Jap import Wingroad makes my eyes water..

Am I just a tight arse ??.


Simon said...

"I bet it'd be even worse at 80mph. ;) "

At higher speeds, economy is better - and so are the fines. It has helped that some cops are very interested in what's under the bonnet.

I've just checked and economy is actually 13 mpg or worse below 60 mph.

Murray said...

Damn straingt it was WHITE bread.

And I was raised not to take more than I could eat.

Unlike the "people of the land" who caused the extintion of over half the native species.

Anonymous said...

May I suggest a Jag XJS, V12, 5.3 litres (aka the 'Black Beast')

You may but you'd never inflict a heap of poorly assembled crap held together by self tappers on a friend I hope. Not until Ford took over did Jags become worth a look.

Adolf Fiinkensein said...

I'm surprised this 3.2l Vectra has not been offered in NZ where, arguably, there are more v8s per head than in any other country.

Here is South Australia I haven't found any hills of significance except a few gentle rises out of Adelaide and a six cylinder Calais cruises very happily on the open road at 120kph.

It's on hills and bends and during overtaking that the joy of the V8 becomes apparent.

Fudge Holder said...

Why did you flee NZ Adolf ? Surely the bright, sun-filled uplands about to be ushered in by John Key is just around the corner?


I think Adolf means one of these.
Nice looking wheels.