Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Te Moemoea o te Porangi

"The Dream of a Madman"

Matt McCarten appears to have lost his usual political astuteness due to over use of rose tinted glasses.

Here he is predicting that the eviction of Mr John trouble wherever he turns up Hatfield from the Maori Party somehow has in it the makings of a change of gummint.

Nothing could be further from reality. In fact, National will be greatly strengthened.

McCarten seems to believe every word of Harawira's propaganda, particularly his daily assertions of his rock solid hold on the seat of Te Tai Tokerau - just as the world believed Saddam Hussein's propaganda about his military strength. Adolf prefers to look at facts and disregard words.

In particular, two things strike me as instructive and revealing of Harawira's self proclaimed electoral support.
  • When Harawira called for a hui at Whakapara (to which Party officials were not invited) only one hundred people turned up and most of them were family members, bused in from the rancid swamps of Awanui. For those who don't know, Whakapara is smack dab in the centre of the electorate, just a few miles north of Whangarei. Wouldn't you have thought the Great Black Hope could have got together more than just a lousy hundred followers?
  • Thus far largely ignored is the fact that Harawira negotiated a free run for for himself in the 2011 election. So much for his hold on the seat. He knows damned well that a half decent Maori Party candidate would see him thrown out on his hairy brown arse.
McCarten has overlooked the fact that Harawira without the party is a political eunuch. On his own, he is just another loud mouthed Nobody from up North.

The Maori Party has handled this affair very well. It has abided by the patience and protocol demanded of it and in so doing has retained widespread respect. Not for Maoridom the quick throat cutting and slinging of the carcass out the back door used by the National Party on it's miscreants.

Further, the party has gained itself four years in which to find and groom a formidable candidate to take back the seat in 2014. It has the cash and people resources of a party. Harawira has none.

As far as the National Party is concerned, it can rejoice that one of its coalition partners has exorcised its life threatening cancer and has stabilised itself on a course which continues to attract a large and intelligent cross section of Maoridom - that which agrees with the forward thinking, practical and self help policies set out along the way by Messrs Sharples and Turia.

Not for them the bitter divisiveness, racial hatred, greed and envy of Hone Harawira and his miserable gaggle of racist black dope growers, child molesters and cousin fuckers.


Anonymous said...

I'm so pleased that the Maori party and a bunch of good people, pragmatic and sensible. I can rest easy and not worry about being excluded from beaches and mountains.

Adolf Fiinkensein said...

Anon, to whom have you been listening?

Anonymous said...

I look forward to every Nat up north signing onto the Maori roll and voting for Labour's Kelvin Davis, aye?

If Harawira has as little support as you claim, that should be enough to get Davis over the line, and you won't have those blood pressure problems every time you see cousin Hone on the tv as an MP. Right?

P.S. Rodney Hide wants to know if he can borrow your donkey.

Adolf Fiinkensein said...

Anon, Rodney Hide doesn't need you or any other donkey.

Ipredict has him looking fairly comfortable in Epsom.

The Veteran said...

Kelvin Davis ... nice intermediate school principal. Hone will walk all over him as he caters to a constituency with a cargo cult mentality permanently stuck in grievance mode.

Labour is a shambles up here in Northland. The Jones boy, after two goes at winning Northland, carpetbags off to Auckland to take on Pita Sharples; Ian Bamber who saw himself picking up where Shane left off managed to get himself voted off the Far North District Council and has gone walkabout in a sulk and they pick some Whangarei based based female that nobody has heard of.

Meanwhile Dover Samuels was trotted out as Labour's new face in Regional Government. Problem with that is that he lost.

baxter said...

On the other hand if Hone forms himself into another party will he be entitled to the same perks and Pay increases as Jim Anderton extracts from us.

Anonymous said...

Anon 12.32 has been listening to friends and aquaintences who have already encountered problems with access and been threatened at various locations in NZ. Anon has also heard Chris Finlayson who is so far up the arse of Ngai Tahu he should butt out of negotiating for The Crown completely. Anon has also read extremist Hugh Barr's book.

I believe the foreshore is a developing issue and the Maori Party tow a line because JK is going to give them what they want. Given that, I think their internal meanderings are of little consequence. Harawira maybe a loud and foul mouthed idiot but that is more honest than the cool calm and cultured stab in the back.

Trust no one, least of all politicians and especially ones who are there only because of colour.

The Veteran said...

Anon 4.44 ... can I suggest you are so completely out of touch with reality that I have to wonder if you have even bothered to read the Bill. Hone OPPOSES the SeaBed and Foreshore legislation simply because it DOESN'T give him and his ragtag bunch of followers what they want.

And just what do you say to the 12,000 (mainly Pakeha) owners of land in private title stretching down to the foreshore. That you have some god given right to access through their property. Try doing that and you will likely get a heap of buckshot in the backside for your trouble.

So are you really saying it's ok for them to deny access through 'their' land and it's not ok for Maori.

The replacement legislation brings some clarity to the situation but the bar for Maori to establish customary title is set extremely high ... and Hone doesn't like it ... and you say he is is honest about that and I agree ... so perhaps the Government has got it about right with JB and Hone both crying foul.

Adolf Fiinkensein said...

Baxter, he won't be able to find 500 people who can remember their own names, let alone sign a membership form.

gravedodger said...

Wadda ya mean no cash, the brown mother f##ker has all that F##king welfare from the bros and as they grow their own dope, get every bloody welfare addon available they will have a couple of hundy at least.
Yes the whole stinking mess has me a little upset.
Just build an electrified rabbit fence from the Hokianga to the east coast, put the navy on patrol to keep the bastards there,give the decent folks a chance to go south to a civilised future and leave the rest of the drug addled lazy hairy arses to their own devices,sans welfare of course.

Anonymous said...

You really don't get this do you:
Matt McCarten just doubled down on the Maorimander

Unlike you - he can count. I guess you went to a state school.

Here's how it works:
In Hone's seat: vote for Hone, vote Labour Party
In Maori Party's seat: vote for Maori MP, vote for Hone Party.

Maori Party Party vote: pretty much zero.
Every Maori seat (except Hone's!) feeds the overhang. Result: overhang of at least 5 seats- all Maori. But it doesn't stop there.

McCarten, Bradford, Hone & Unite
are preparing a Party Vote only campaign for the Hone Party. The aim is to cement the Maorimander so it is impossible for National to govern, to reform parliament, or to disestablish the Maori seats.

They pick up Maori votes from the general roll, Winston first Maori voters, some greenies.

Realistic result: say 100,000 list votes. No seats for the Hone Party. It's just bigger than the Greens.

Result: 128 member parliament. Key gets say 54 seats on 45% of the vote, ACT 5 seats, for about 60 "right wing seats" - basically where we are now.

Enough in a 120 seat parliament, or even 122 seats. Not enough in a Maorimander parliament pushing 130 seats.

Result: Labour, Greens, Hone Party, Maori party form the next government. Maori seats (and Maorimander) entrenched. All foreshore & seabed land goes to Maori, government policy to return all freehold land to Maori to "Honour the Treaty". Benefits pushed up 25%, income tax top rate to 50% at 50K. Hellen back as first President of Te Rangatiratanga O Aotearoa.

Anonymous said...

A certain independent poll done in Epsom very recently shows Hyde a distant fifth out of five choices.

His dirty backroom deals behind the backs of his own party, crap integrity, dishonesty and super city stupidity will haunt him right through to the election. The last two polls have act at half a percent. Even the clod heinous and fuckwits blog must concede it will take a miracle, it inner gunna to appen this time.

Anonymous said...

Veteran 5.53, I have no problem with asking (and being refused) access across private land to the beach. The problem will be that I won't be allowed access to what is now "public" property even though I can drive there on a road. Most maori may find the concept as unpalatable as I do but we know that most Maori are not running the Maori party or radicals.

Give them an inch and they will take a mile. I think you underestimate the greed.

WAKE UP said...

McCarten's column was one of the most bizarre he's ever written.