Friday, March 25, 2011


A few days ago I blogged that it was Strike 2 on Goff. Right now it's Strike 3 and Goff will be gone in days if not hours. Whoever coined the term 'Goffgate' had it about right. His handling of this sad saga gives new meaning to the word 'clusterfuck'.

But what is really fascinating is the report that the coup is being orchestrated by the New York branch of the Party (read Helen and Heather) through those two intellectual giants and bright stars of socialism Mesdames (or Messrs) Street and Dyson with the express purpose of installing Parker as leader. FFS, those two represent all that is wrong with the Labour Party and this must surely leave Little, Cunliffe, Cosgrove and the Jones boy wondering just what is happening beyond their control.

But the really sad thing likely to result and the legacy of Goff and Hughes is that they have opened the door to the trougher supremo, one Winston First, to return to Parliament as core Labour sez that's it and collectively holds their noses and votes for someone who rightly understands what opposition is all about.

Goff, Hughes, King ... hang your heads in shame.


Anonymous said...

But why not make it a toofer deal. Lets insist Rodders feels the knife blade as well. Clean NZ out before the lection in one foul swoop.

Psycho Milt said...

Maybe you should get reports from someone other than Cameron Slater, Vet.

Anonymous said...

If Clark is pulling the strings it won't help as her string pulling has got them into this mess in the first place by not allowing a replacement leader to come through. Someone like that would be too threatening.

Redbaiter said...

If anyone has left the door open for Winston's return it is John Key. He lied when he said he wouldn't introduce changes to the seabed legislation if it was unpopular. And Peter's will milk that lie all the way to the next election.

Not that it matters too much- Labour, National, all a bunch of social liberals queers and Marxists fast taking this country down the drain.

Anonymous said...

Nobody is as incompetent as Labour are showing themselves to be - match fixing is involved here ;)

Labour are for all purposes dead in the water.

Mad Marxist.

The Veteran said...

PM ... Cameron Slater????? Try Scoop and NBR.

Redbaiter ... your opinions matter nought to me but your obsessive anger directed at JK and National cannot be good for your health ...
there are a number of good psychologists in Tauranga I believe.

Psycho Milt said...

Try Scoop and NBR.

I cut out the middlemen.

Anonymous said...

Since when does the UN intervene in a sovereign State's internal affairs? Is there a new Security Council resolution, S/RES1974 (2011) - The situation in the NZ Labour Party?

KG said...

"..your obsessive anger directed at JK and National cannot be good for your health ..."

The National cheerleaders here could do with a little of that anger. Seems to me you'd buy a turd if it came in National Party wrapper. You lot just don't get it--the enemy is a political class that treats the electorate with contempt.

Redbaiter said...

Veteran you people are utterly hopeless. Look at who you've got coming up in North Shore. The vacuous political idiot Maggie Barry who would probably be as left as they come if she had any political idea at all.

Yet you can't wait to get her into your party. Proving its not a party really, just a hopeless collection of compromisers and appeasers who just want to do socialism better than Labour.

Idiots like you who have no answer to criticism but lame insults are a sad indication of how the National Party has
fallen since it was founded by Sid Holland on these principles-

“To promote good citizenship and self-reliance; to combat communism and socialism; to maintain freedom of contract; to encourage private enterprise; to safeguard individual rights and the privilege of ownership; to oppose interference by the State in business, and State control of industry”.

You daily betray everyone of those ideas in the stinking morass of socialism you happily dwell in. You run around kissing the arses of people Sid Holland wouldn't even spit on. Maggie Barry is the socialism you're meant to be fighting against and yet you can't wait to embrace her.

You're just a pack of shallow idea-less frauds and traitors, led by the biggest fraud of all, the school boy who wanted to be PM.

How absolutely nausea inducing you lot are with your complete failure to stand for one damn thing.

The Veteran said...

Red ... you really are a dullard. You exhibit no unstanding of the history of the National Party which was NOT founded by "Sid Holland".

At the 'Fusion' conference held on 13-14 May 1936 the motion to form the Party was moved by Dr AR Green and seconded by JJ McGrath and carried unanimously. The first President of the Party was Sir George Wilson and Adam Hamilton its first (parliamentary) leader.
No Sid Holland in that mix.

Do your homework if you wish to debate with me.

As for Maggie Barry. She is perfectly entitled to put her name forward as candidate. Whether she makes it or not is for the democratic process to decide. Note the 'democratic' bit, clearly you have no understanding of that concept.

But as I said earlier your anti Key, anti National, fixation is somewhat unhealty and I do urge you to seek help before it is too late least you end up doing something that could see you put away.

Oh and BTW this is a thread on Phil Goff. Try not to thread jack old son or I might just have to delete you.

Anonymous said...

Shame? They know not the meaning of the word.

dad4justice said...

Are all kiwi pollies twisted lying faggots? Who would ever vote for these distorted creeps!

Michael said...

Even if Goff survives, it's now common knowledge that the Labour caucus is at war with each other.

Parties that do that tend to implode and not survive - e.g. the Alliance

pdm said...

Michael - I think you will find that the hisory of the Labour Party is `war within'.

Even under the iron rul of Clark there were factions - they were just scared to speak out.

Anonymous said...

the enemy is a political class that treats the electorate with contempt.

Given that most of NZ's electorate are bludgers, WFFERS, bennies, civil sercunts and other forms of non-productive scum

of course the electorate should be treated with contempt

In a real democracy, communists and socialists would be taken out and shot. The least we could do is ban them from being part of NZ politics - and ban the nontaxpaying constituence - anyone whose ever worked for national or local government; gone to a state school or hospital; received a state benefit or subsidy; been a member of the union - from voting or from ever being elected.

helmet said...

he's still there