Wednesday, March 16, 2011


Two strikes in as many minutes on TV3 this morning.

Strike 1. "The Prime Minister should come clean and tell the
people of Christchurch whether the world cup games are going ahead at AMI Stadium". Errrrrrrrrrr, the Government doesn't own the Rugby World Cup. It has an interest and stake in the matter and I am sure there will be advice that they will give to the International Rugby Board but the decision on Christchurch is for the IRB to make and announce once they have considered all the advice given.

Strike 2. Ruling Hone out but not Winston. "Hone's views are repugnant to me". Fair call but then to refuse to rule Winston out saying "He kept scrupulously to the terms of the agreement he had with Labour when in Government". We live and learn. So, can we assume there was a secret protocol to that agreement that allowed Winston to sell off Consular Office in return for cash donations to his Party? Ok, so Winston welshed on his undertaking to OG but pocketed the dosh anyway... about par for the course.

Strike 3 awaits.


gravedodger said...

The positions that have Goff making such idiotic statements are straight out of the Socialism to save New Zealand strategy that has as a core belief Labour Good, National Bad as a basic premise so don't confuse it with logic, commonsense or any other outdated mindset..

The Veteran said...

What I found really sad was that a month ago he railed against John Key as being arrogant in the extreme for saying 'no way' to Winston.

And now apparantly 'no way Hone' is a principled stance.

Hubris and cant rocks in Goff's lexicon.

Anonymous said...

Having worked in Chch a bit since Sep it was marginal after Sep and a clear no go after Feb because of infrastructure issues alone. I think "no" should have been the default position shortly after Feb 22nd. The Govt would / should have known that and letting leaks from the Poms etc... soften us up is chicken.

That doesn't mean I think Goff is other than a bland and boring thumb sucker. He must find it hard being out from behind Helen's skirts. That was some comfort blanket Phil.