Friday, March 18, 2011

Perfected Stupidity

I was listening to Leighton Smith's talkback yesterday morning as several people attempted to argue that the recovery from the Christchurch earthquake will be a great thing economically. Like some sort of bizzare stimulus package.

What a load of bollocks.
Our economy has taken a massive hit. We will be expending a huge effort and considerable cash just to get us back to the status quo. That means missed opportunities elsewhere. Opportunities that can create new wealth.
The argument that the re insurers will be stumping up for the cost is ridiculous. They are in business for pppppprofit. If they take a hit here then they will be looking to eventually recoup their losses by raising our ppppppremiums.
The people who propose this nonsense are amongst the useful idiots of the world. Pushing a mickey mouse form of socialist economics that you can create wealth by simply recirculating money though an economy, like Len Brown's miraculous ticking over theory. In truth it is an ever diminishing circle with the idiots taking their cut each orbit.
Sometimes I wonder if the end result of Western thinking is actually perfected stupidity.

It will be very interesting to compare the recoveries both here and in Japan.
I suspect that while the Japanese will quickly rebuild and get back to creating wealth, we will still be arguing about what colour paving stone to use ......
not to forget antismacking legislation, ETS's, carbon taxes, global warming, seabed ownership, local body empire building, middleclass welfare, Ministries of blithering idiots, policy consultants.......


Anonymous said...

Wasn't there some sort of fiscal responsibility act?

Why do taxpayers need to borrow $10billion? Christchurch appears to be largely covered by insurance and it does not need to be rebuilt to the size it was.

This is yet another example of profligate waste of other people's money.

Let's face it, our central and local government is completely broken.

Anonymous said...

Japan has been a classic example of the flawed economic / stimulus thinking for the last 15 years - they still haven't recovered.

they were the perfect example to the US/Europe on what not to do in 2008.

I suspect they will follow the same route, and more will shift to other asian countries...

Anonymous said...

You assume that if the locals weren't repairing Chch post Sep they would be doing other stuff and creating wealth. If only it was that easy we wouldn't be in the crap we are and even stupid politicians could run things.

At the end of WW2 Japan was flattened with nothing important left to bomb. Their recovery stemmed from the re-build but the miracle withered years ago. They are economically fragile and have to import basics just to survive.

Redbaiter said...

"Sometimes I wonder if the end result of Western thinking is actually perfected stupidity."

I'm damn sure of it. Socialism has permeated every facet of our lives. Media, parliament, bureaucracy and education system all have the advancement of socialism as a priority over realism. Its the age of bullshit.

Congratulations on a good post. Circulation of money does not make a healthy economy. Production does. Its that simple, but thanks to our education system being destroyed by socialists, we lack a population with the capability to understand even this simple fact.

I blame the National Party for moving so far from their founding principles. If they had stuck to those established by Sid Holland, NZ would be a far different country and far more prosperous.

Compare Singapore to NZ. The stark difference in our standard of living is down to the failure of the National Party. They are traitors, and nothing will change until we get their useless arses out of parliament and get real Conservatives in.

Existing National party politicians should be due much more contempt for their utter betrayal. Cowards and compromisers we need them out of parliament now.

Shane Ponting said...

There needs to be an extra star for this post.

KG said...

Great post. At least somebody gets it!

Redbaiter said...

"At least somebody gets it!"

Yeah, he must feel pretty lonely here on No Minister though.

Anonymous said...

Great post and I don't question it. It is true that some parties will derive enormous wealth from the CHCH re-build and it depends what this wealth is applied to before the circulation/wealth generation argument can be accurately measured. This takes time of course.


Anonymous said...

Compare Singapore to NZ

Yep. 30%+ compulsory super/healthcare levy on top of 20% taxes. compulsory house purchases through a compulsory state run housing development board.

Before you drool of Singapore, remember Roger was and remains a socialist

"Equality of Opportunity" my arse.

Redbaiter said...

It remains their money because its put into numbered accounts. IOWs its not underpinned by the redistribution ideas that have plagued NZ. FFS..!!

kehua said...

Buy Fletcher shares???

Lou Taylor said...

You are correct Kehua
Some will benefit massively during the rebuild but many people and businesses will take years to recover. When you loose momentum it is incredibly hard to regain.

Anonymous said...

It remains their money because its put into numbered accounts.

Oh yeah, RIght, Just like a compulsory KiwiStealer, but with much bigger compulsory employee and employer contributions.

Which part of far more socialist than Cullen don't you understand.

IOWs its not underpinned by the redistribution ideas that have plagued NZ. FFS..!!

Wrong. Which part of compulsory insurance don't you understand? It's not a "Health System" - it's "Compulsory Health Insurance" which can only be used in tightly government controlled hospitals. The only difference is the hospitals themselves are nominally of the governments books - but they're mostly owned by CPF or Temasek anyway. Which part of Government provided Housing via the Housing Development Board don't you understand. Yep, you can withdraw "your" money but only to buy houses build by NZ's Housing Corp. Well at least it stops Singaporeans dumping all their funds into real estate - because you can't.

Which part of Temasek (Singapore's version of the Cullen Fund) owning 60% of their entire economy don't you understand?

So let's see: if everybody had to make compulsory 10% Kiwistealer contributions, employers had to match those by law (another 10%), and then everyone had to buy compulsory social insurance via a 10% ACC levy (that now covered sickness & unemployment) --- and then on top of that 30%, we all had to pay another 10-20% tax - NZ would be more free than now.

50% marginal tax rates are less socialist than 33%. Please.

Roger believes in Equality of Opportunity. Roger is a socialist. And about Singapore Roger just lies