Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Of Course It's All The National Party's Fault

Phil Goff just doesn't know when to keep his trap shut. Here is his latest example of Key Derangement Syndrome

LATEST: Information about the police complaint against Labour MP Darren Hughes was leaked by the Beehive, Labour leader Phil Goff says.

The Beehive didn't need to leak anything - Labour's little bum boy did it all for them. Good grief, if National had wanted to make hay with this one it would have waited until much closer to the election.

Well may Goff cross his fingers. Nothing else seems to be working.

Of all the stupid statements you might ever hear, this one takes the biscuit.

Goff said Hughes was cooperating fully with the police investigation and was confident that he had done nothing wrong.

Why does it take the biscuit?

Because the last fellow to whom this concession was applied is in jail. What's his name again? Philip Field. Here's what Goff, Clark and Co had to say about him.

“I think the only thing he is probably guilty of is trying to be helpful to someone,”


gravedodger said...

One thing is now certain at least one leftwingnut job is reading this, clue rating

Anonymous said...
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kehua said...

Sure is looking like Dirty Darren has a predatory attitude to young fellas.

Anonymous said...

Labour: gone to buggery.

Adolf Fiinkensein said...

I see now Mr Hughes has been placed on parliamentary leave until the police investigation concludes.

And so the story rolls on and the plot thickens. I wonder if Colmar Bunton, Roy Morgan and others are polling right now?

Barnsley Bill said...

And Goff will die in a ditch for him, compare it with Key off loading Worth for allegations far less serious. No police involvement in Worths set up by a middle aged Labour activist.
This will be another Taito situatuation. Deny, deflect, deceive.

Inventory2 said...

Quite so BB; Goff lives in fear of getting the news that Helen of New York has issued the command for the strike on his leadership to begin.

Adolf Fiinkensein said...

The PM has explicitly denied the leak came from his office. So, which one of the 17 leaked the leak?

Brilliant strategy that - knock off Hughes and finish Goff at the same time.

The Veteran said...

I was going to do a separate post but really, all that needs to be said has been said.

THe Beehive is a goldfish bowl and, take it from me, rumours abound about who is doing what to whom and where and how with glorious frequency.

But Goff's hamfisted handling of this is just another nail in his coffin. FFS, he knew about this two weeks ago and did nothing, zip, zero, hoping it would all blow over and then, when it all turned to custard, he blames the Beehive for the leak.

It is possible, just possible, that the 'leak' came from within Labour in an attempt to further destabilise Goff's leadership?

This on the same day that another Labour 'heavyweight' (Mahuta) had a crack at him over his decision to buck caucus policy and rule out a deal with Hone.

And can one ask just what was the cosy deal that Hughes had going with King re the room in her house.
Did he claim the max in overnight allowances and did it all go to King or was their some kickback in an insider deal with Mr Taxpayer left holding the can (of worms) ... so many questions, so few answers.

Nail in coffin or BBQ time or both. Take your pick.

pdm said...

A question that has been looming but now becomes very relevant is this:

Will Labour now get more than 20% of the party vote at the election?

Psycho Milt said...

The PM has explicitly denied the leak came from his office.

No doubt the PM doesn't clean the toilets either - but he'll have people who do it for him.

dad4justice said...

Peter Davis cleans toilets? Aunty Helen's freakshow just keeps on keeping on! FFS what SICK UNITS!

Flashman said...

A bet worth taking is that Klarkula will do a Peron and return from self-imposed New York exile in time for the general election to "Save my people and The Party to which I have devoted my life."

Anonymous said...

"Brilliant strategy that - knock off Hughes and finish Goff at the same time."

No, in respect of Goff its dumb.
When you are playing a complete loser like Phil let him stay in so someone good can't replace him.

The Veteran said...

Memo to Fran Mold .... for f**k sake tell your 'boss' the first rule to be observed in his relationship with you as his chief media person is to keep you in the loop.

He fails to do that at his peril with the result that you are left having to go round with a bucket cleaning up the crap left behind for your no way, not us, never commment to the media on Monday in response to questions re the mystery man.

At least if you had known you could have put in place a proactive media strategy rather than reactive one you are now faced with ... and Goff might have been spared looking as thouigh he was guilty of covering things up.

Just trying to help.