Sunday, March 6, 2011

Never thought I would hear this

Engineers and private sector construction managers have spoken critically of the approach adopted by Christchurch City Council, described as slow and bureaucratic. Labour MP Lianne Dalziel - whose electorate is among the hardest hit - was more blunt still. "I'm over the council. They're incompetent."

Who would have ever thought we would hear these words uttered from a Labour MP. Has she finally woken up to what us ratepayers have known for years?

The bureaucratic juggernaught of local council has kept too many overpaid people ungainfully busy for too long. If there was ever a time to slash their empires this would be it.


Anonymous said...

Why Brownlee hasn't abolished the council by now I've no idea.

Oh, and the Unions. And the Labour party. And jailed Dalziel (and "Judge Holden") too as a matter of course.

Imagine what NZ would be like if RB had that enabling act!

kevin said...

You can multiply the problem by the number of councils in NZ... they all are tarred with same brush and seem to forgotten who is paying them and why. Anyone got a 'good result' council story? (apart from council employees of course) Not talking rubbish collection and the like here...