Thursday, March 3, 2011

More Tax is not a solution.

I see various left wing people are offering their traditional tax raising and spending solutions to solve the rebuilding of Christchurch.
Will it ever dawn on them, that in this day and age, they are a big part of the problem, not part of the solution?
Christchurch needs to be rebuild with the same pioneering spirit that lead to its existence in the first place. Not by some massive injection of bureaucratic nonsense.
Let Cantabrians rebuild the city they want. There are plenty of engineering and architectual solutions available.
The insurance money will go a long way.
As long as it isn't hijacked by control freaks.


Anonymous said...

But it will be hijacked as the hijacker's, completely and utterly useless as the may be, make the rules.

JC said...

"I see various left wing people are offering their traditional tax raising and spending solutions to solve the rebuilding of Christchurch."

And why not. A levy, a reduction in WFF or adding interest to student loans would affect *them*.

Phil Goff made it clear he doesn't want the top end of WFF touched (above household $70,000).. after all, thats where his constituency lives.
Do right wingers still have the quaint idea that all those bright and articulate people on the left earn $25,000 and give a big chunk of that to charity?


The Veteran said...

Anyone who thinks increased taxation is a touchstone on the road to prosperity is really living in la la land.

The recovery can and should be financed by a combination of increased borrowing for capital works and a wind back of government spending that does not stand up to hard scrutiny ... and nothing should be off the table.

Not advocating 'slash and burn' but a responsible and phased scale back with those likely to be caught out given time to adjust.

A good start point would be the phased role back to age 67 for NZ Super.

David said...

With a tradgey on the coast and one in Christchurch why not join forces and take the top off the Pike mine, get the coal out and rebuild Christchurch and provide wealth to the coast.

Anonymous said...

The entire game has changed. Currently the govyt are borrrowing 3.6B to fund a small portion of the social welfare budget. That is akin to extending your over draft to pay for your cigarettes. It is an untenable position.
If the rebuild costs the govt $14B, and they have to borrow the whole lot, then they are looking at an increased interest bill of $1B, before they even start to repay the loan. (before you go on about EQC having 5B in the coffers, think about the nature of what EQC invested in; namely Govt bonds: i.e. promisory notes, that once called in will be worth half of their face value.
Something has to give.
We need to increase our production, as well as minimise our dead weight expenses. Mining, ridding the wealth creators of the wealth waster that is the RMA, so that necessary income streams can be developed by those who are best suited to grow wealth. Turning the non productive into productive, by repealing the youth rates madness, and lowering the minimum wage back to $10 per hour, would all be good starts for the immediate response. Bringing in an income free threshold and getting rid of bureauchurn wastes like WFF would allow for a reduction in wasteful civil service rent-a-job positions, which would save Millions per annum by itself.
If getting rid of interest free student loans is a step too far, then bring in something similar to HEX, with inflation adjusted account charges being made. Phasing graduated Superannuation out to 80 for todays 20 y/o, would be effective for a longer term plan.

Anonymous said...

is it HECS or HEX in Aus?

Anonymous said...

a good starting point would be brownlie growing some balls and telling those girls robyn malcolm and lucy lawless to fuck off as he's mining the conservation u think that will happen

Anonymous said...

Give them a cheap govt. loan and, when they are back rolling again they will be able to show their gratitude and start paying it back.

Anonymous said...

bin the ETS immediately, aas it is a drain on the productive sector, achieves nothing apart from some BS propaganda/ point scoring amongst the Socialists of the world. Let the income producers decide where to best utilise that money to regenerate the economy to allow for the victims of our darkest "raniest day" to be supported till they can get their lives back in order.

Anonymous said...

brownlie growing some balls and telling those girls robyn malcolm and lucy lawless to fuck off as he's mining the conservation estate.

Brownlee doesn't need to tell them anything. He can call up the DPS or SAS and have them both shot.

Anonymous said...

Give them a cheap govt. loan

JEEZUZ FUCK! We're already borrowing $300 MILLION every fucking week. Where's the money coming from

We could (for example) close down NZ's entire state school system tomorrow. The $10Bn the government would save would still not be enough to start addressing the damage done to the economy by the Christchurch quake.

Christchurch has already lost 20% of its population.
We can expect another 20-30% to leave in the next year. We don't need to rebuild houses or businesses or the "City Centre" because there won't be people there. Every dollar would be better spent in Auckland that in Christchurch.

We should just bulldoze from one end of the four avenues to the other, grass it over, and be done with it.

NZ simply cannot afford to do more