Friday, March 25, 2011

Is This The Final Tipping Point?

The Hughes Goff King shenanigans are extraordinary.

Adolf wonders whether they are in fact the final tipping point which might allow Labour to at last cut the ties with the disastrous politically correct Clark/Rainbow/social engineering gang who hijacked a once proud party and brought it to its knees. I suspect the events of the last week have put paid to the chances of the current regime ever regaining office. Certainly any chances in 2011 have been well and truly scuppered and 2014 now looks like a bridge too far.

If there are any true Labour people left in the organisation perhaps they should now be looking to capitalise on these events and reinvent their party into one of real people who have the ability to identify with Chris Trotter's 'Waitakere Man.' They need to ditch all those closely associated with the Clark regime and bring in people of stature and mana who are truly loyal to Labour rather than to everything seen to be good by the doyens of the Waikato University Humanities Department.

That means doing what Australian Cricket did after it suffered it's disastrous Hughes episode. How ironic is that name. After captain Kim Hughes led the national team to a series of losses and humiliation, he resigned the captaincy amidst a flood of televised tears. They brought back the doyen of Australia cricket, ex skipper and coach Bobby Simpson who threw out the whole cabal and went back to basics.

"Give me a squad of players with the right attitude and I'll give them the skills' he demanded. Two decades of world supremacy were the result.

In Labour's case, the person they need to bring back, in my opinion, is Mike Moore. Always loyal to true Labour he, above anyone else, has the personality, charm, charisma and drive to rebuild the party. He should have as a lieutenant John Tamihere, another true blue Labour man who was spat out by the amoral and immoral gang who idolised Helen Clark.

They will need to forget about 2011 and 2014 and set about bringing in good quality people with real life experience who can be groomed to win seats and party votes in 2017. Above all else they need to ensure they avoid selecting academics, union activists, homosexuals and journalists. Let's see some tradesmen, nurses, farmers, businessmen and plain ordinary workers.

The people who need to be ejected include Goff, Hughes, Cunliffe, King, Tizzard, Burton, Dyson, to mention a few.

One thing is for sure. The game is over for the Labour Party as it is today.

The question is:-

Do they have the ability to do what has to be done?


Anonymous said...

Adolf - a very good reasoned post- the air in Aus has sparked you up.
Perhaps the reason for Labour's problems is that they were in power too long, as National has been in the past.
Perhaps MP's are allowed to stay in parliament too long?

The "two long" leads to power and power corrupts etc. There are a long list MP's in the major parties that are well past being effective MP's- a passage for rich pensions- the list is long both past and present

SHG said...

...rather than to everything seen to be good by the doyens of the Waikato University Humanities Department



Anonymous said...

it must really grip the orange short and curlies to fall 6 months short of 9 years of sponging. The ginga-stupouredisokforme-minger's lifelong taxpayer perks won't be quite so generous.
for one who was once called the son Helen Clark never had, is it a case of like 'father' like son then

Barnsley Bill said...

Jonathon Hunt took Labour down this path through the Princes street branch.

The unions will probably have to step in and clean out Caligulas children.
At least then we will get back to being preached at by old drunks and know they are not spending their off time grooming and sniffing around the uni students.
A bad week for them really, VSM is in it's death throes, Hughes has been exposed at last and Goff has been made to look like the foolish liar he is.

Psycho Milt said...

Yeah, it's lucky Labour has a bunch of National Party partisans to offer them advice on what they should do, what would they do without your assistance?

Adolf Fiinkensein said...

What would they do, Milt?

FFS, they're doing it now!

Anonymous said...

who would have thought that Nash is starting to look like one of the last men standing. I suppose his credentials do actually make him more representative of the educated middle class man. All he has to do is learn to do his dalliancing in Sydney or try to keep it in his pants.

Anonymous said...

I liked Mike Williams saying its just that God isn't on Labour's side at the moment. Being a bunch of aetheists, poofters and perverts its hardly suprising.

Mark said...

Labour needs to get back to its roots and become the workmans party.

Adolf Fiinkensein said...

For quite some time I toyed with an alternative headline.

'Sleazy Come, Sleazy Go'

Kermadecer said...

You do realise that it's perfectly possible to be a homosexual AND a farmer, a nurse, a blue-collar worker etc? You see I'm gay and I I live in Manurewa, and work shifts (up at 3.30am or finish at 4.30) and I grew up on a dairy farm milking cows and baling hay. Are you trying to make out that all gay and lesbian folks are priveliged and out of touch with common folks? That's stereotyping to the max matey. And don't all the political parties have a few gay or lesbian candidates or MPs anyway?