Wednesday, March 2, 2011


I was fascinated to hear Pam Corkery, doyen of 'progressive' intellectual thought and deed, argue this morning on TV1 that there was no need for the Government to contemplate asset sales or changes to WFF or the student loan scheme as all John Key needed to do was to go to his mates in the IMF and World Bank and all the money we might ever need would come gushing down like mana from heaven.

Is her thinking so shallow that she fails to understand or comprehend that in return for any assistance those financial institutions will demand of New Zealand a slash and burn approach to the very things that she sees as sacrosanct .

Just reflect on the conditions imposed on Greece and Ireland by those same financial institutions in return for bailing them out. Rioting on the streets of Athens and last weekend, the Irish Government turfed out of office.

I suspect, and Government is starting to signal, that some previously sacred cows are now 'on limits'. The trick is to manage that process in a responsible way.

How is it that those on the 'left' remain convinced that we can have our cake and eat it too and that some benevolent Japanese housewife will continue to pick up the tab at no cost to us at all.

God help us if these idiots ever get control of the Treasury benches again.


Adolf Fiinkensein said...

She's ****** in the head. Spending too much time interviewing tatooed young prospective employees.

Simon said...

Mr Goff, Mike Lee et al [enter name of whingeing pinko taxers, spenders & borrowers], how would you pay for Chch's reconstruction - cake stalls, bottle-drives, gouging rich pricks, social credit, raffles, etc?

Anonymous said...

Asking hone key for $10000000 dollars from his slush fund for CHCH leaving$40000000+, after all his old firm got us all in the shit that we are in, ps ask him to close down the etSCAM hone dosnt need the money.Do you really need $50million dollars to fill the BMWs up with

Adolf Fiinkensein said...

St Pam?

Just shorten her up a little.


Ha ha ha

Word verification is dedhems.

There's nuthin much ded about those hems!

Anonymous said...

We're talking about a classic Alliance Retard here. Don't be surprised by her dumb crap!

Anonymous said...

I guess when you're retired you can get pissed in the afternoons eh Adolt? At least I hope you're drunk.

Judge Holden

The Veteran said...

Anon 7.35 ... incoherent and proof positive of the need for 'National' standards.

Gueez, some of your 'left' whingers have the inate ability to embarrass your own Party.

Anonymous said...

God help us if these idiots ever get control of the Treasury benches again.

Why the word "if"?

Of course they will get control of the Treasury benches again. It's called an election and Labour will win one again soon. The question that needs asking is how is Nact institutionalising its policies so that they cannot be overturned? 'Cos I can't see them doing any such thing.

Adolf Fiinkensein said...

Poor old Sludge.

Another of those poor dumb socialist bastards who hasn't worked out how to get himself out of debt.

I hope you've got medical insurance Sludge, you'll need it for the brain surgery.

Flashman said...

Corkery? That hagged out retreaded never-was gobby economic illiterate with split sidewalls from the crack pot fringe of the Alliance [or somesuch] Party?

Or are are you speaking of someone with the same name?

Anonymous said...

"Another of those poor dumb socialist bastards who hasn't worked out how to get himself out of debt."

Wrong six times in one short sentence. Have another drink chief.

Judge Holden

libertyscott said...

The mere fact that Pam Corkery has anyone paying the slightest attention to what she says demonstrates the depths to which culture has descended.

She has neither the education, nor experience, nor reading for anything she says about public policy to be more than the whim-filled prejudices of an opinionated average loudmouth.

You may as well ask an average taxi driver, underachieving adolescent or actor for her opinion.

She is a celebrity for having an abrasive accent, verbal diarrhoea and to pander to the nationalistic and envy-ridden prejudices of a segment of the talkback following proletariat.

and of course she showed the Alliance that it was just as interested in gaining power through celebrity as it was for its worn-out economically illiterate policies.