Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Gillard and Sullivan

Aussie politics has a somewhat Gilbertian flavour currently.

The latest example of comic opera courtesy of Madame Flutterby is her foray into election promise breaking via Gillard's Carbon Tax. This seems to have much similarity to Jim Bolger's fatal superannuation surcharge promise which saw him unceremoniously turfed out.

During the recent election campaign Gillard repeatedly shouted from the rooftops "There will be no carbon tax," knowing failure to so shout would deliver the election to Mr Abbott and the Libs.

Now, led along by the Killer Greens (always remember Kingslake and Queensland floods) she is to introduce such a tax.

Watch how a fortnight can do the damage.

And there are even some fools in the media here trying to talk up a return to Party leadership of that execrable warmenist Malcolm Turnbull.


mawm said...

In March 2010 John Key said that if there was not widespread support for the proposed Marine and Coastal Area (Takutai Moana) Bill, the law that currently governs the foreshore and seabed would remain in place.

There is obviously no widespread support for this Bill........and John Key is breaking yet another promise. The National Party is intent on pushing this Bill through Parliament. Spit!

Adolf Fiinkensein said...




When one discounts all the bullshit artists from the far right and the far left one finds the majority of Kiwis far prefer this to the current legislation which was introduced for all the wrong reasons by an odious gang of haters and wreckers.

mawm said...

Do you have facts to back up your comment about support for the Bill? Please publish or link to them. If not, I'll just assume it is your usual bullsh*t and an attempt to cover for your lying politicians.

BTW why would you separate the 'far' left and the 'far' right out from a public poll - they have a right to be heard in a Democracy, although that is becoming hard to believe now days.

Adolf Fiinkensein said...

Fuck off mawn. That's an old leftie trick. You made the assertion of 'obviously no widespread support.'

Deal with your own shit please.

Simon said...

I wonder who is sharpening their knives for Gillard's back now.

mawm said...

So you don't then ....... and obviously don't like being called on to back up your statements that have no bearing on the truth.

I know that the majority of the submissions to the select committee opposed the Bill......but Key and Co are ignoring them.

Anonymous said...

get it right Adolf, its GILTARD

Adolf Fiinkensein said...

Anon 3.46

I did consider Gilbard.

Much more subtle.