Sunday, March 27, 2011

End of an era?

I realise that I have ceased blogging but sadly I cannot resist the temptation to make one last comment on Labour's debacle week.
Darren Hughes has shown us all exactly why we would be idiots to ever again put our livelihoods in the hands of these incompetents.
His call to fame appears to be based on nothing more than being of lickable and witty character.
His own local electorate sent him packing.
He owes his lifeline to a mickey mouse Party List that his superiors appear more than happy to rort over for solely their own benefit.
And Labour expect us to put our hopes and visions for the future in hands such as these.
Or even worse, Judith Tizard's. Actually I hope she does return and helps bury the MMP rort once and for all. At $160k she could prove to be a bargain.

We need hard nosed people with real skills to guide this country. Not a pack of half arsed lifestylers being run by nyxt (New York text). They have no connection to the challenging world that we citizens are facing on a daily basis. We can't afford the luxury of tolerating and paying for these idiots.

The Labour Party should take a good hard look at themselves.
And I don't mean by standing in front of a mirror admiring their own cleverness.
There is a big gap between being clever and being smart.
Goff is living proof of that.


Moist von Lipwig said...

"His call to fame appears to be based on nothing more than being of lickable and witty character."

Lickable? Oh Dear..I could have done without that mental image.

gravedodger said...

Thanks Lou for another post and would humbly suggest you come back with Further efforts when things heat up as we move towards November. In full understanding of your priorities as to your redirected energy of course.
A great summation of the depth of the abyss politics have sunk to in our nation.
Your views add significantly to this Blog.
Very best wishes
ps I read it as a typo but it was definitely Freudian.

pdm said...

With a name like moist are you the best one to point that out - it gets worse by the minute. lol.

Lou - what GD said - don't go away altogether.

Lou Taylor said...

Thanks Murray and PDM for your kind words. Maybe you guys could consider stepping up to doing a few posts? I am sure Adolf and the rest of the team would happily consider it. Free speech is what makes the world go round.

Psycho Milt said...

Darren Hughes has shown us all exactly why we would be idiots to ever again put our livelihoods in the hands of these incompetents.

I presume that by "these incompetents" you mean politicians in general. Otherwise you've got a tough job on your hands accounting for how Hughes' case is different from the casualties on the govt side the last few years - Worth, Wong, Garrett for example.

I'll give you one thing, though - Labour really does need to start a programme of actively avoiding people whose ambition is to make a career out of politics. Both major parties are doing it, but Labour seems to be further along that particular wrong track than National.

For a fine example, look no further than the SST this morning, in which the mother of Hughes' alleged victim says she's hoping this won't affect her son's ambition of making a career in politics by becoming an MP. Apart from the fact that she must be fucking joking if she imagines this might not put an end to those ambitions, they are exactly the ambitions Labour needs less of - the ambitions of people who move straight from university to the party machine to Parliament. There are a shitload fewer of these needed, not more.

Lou Taylor said...

Yes Milt I agree with you. Maybe we should only allow people to stand for parliament once they have reached 50.

Anonymous said...

And after they are 50 they will have been indepenantly successful enough to do it for pocket money. Politics, like welfare, should never be a lifelong career option.

Anonymous said...

Being 50 doesn't make you wise enough to lead the Nation. Look at the likes of most 50year olds in Parliament today, or indeed in the past 20 years.
Reducing the remuneration to zero and minimising ongoing access to the trough after they have been (s)poiliticians may improve the quality of the candidates. The spoilits themselves will point to countries like Singapore and say in comparison that they are underpaid. But then again you look at the quality of the outcomes of decisions made by both sets of polies and if a scale were possible there, then the spoilits here in NZ would be owing the nation millions

Anonymous said...

Is a lipwig another name for mons pubis hair?

pdm said...

Lou I may take up that suggestion. I enjoyed doing a few posts for `whowuddathort' when he was going.

However, we are reurning to NZ on 10 April and I will be fully occupied with family into mid May. I will let you know when I am ready and hope I can meet the high standards you guys set.

Anonymous said...

MMP is the biggest rort of the century. MPs are voted out by the electorate, but because of favourtism etc within their party, get into parliament anyway. What a slap in the face for voters, what a farce.

Vote out MMP. Will NZ ever wake up?The unwashed masses are so soft and gullable!