Thursday, March 10, 2011

Don't Be Surprised........

........ if the Maori Party runs a strong candidate in Te Tai Tokerau and defeats the loud mouthed tutaekuri incumbent.

Only yesterday Adolf was musing on this possibility and this morning's Herald carries the makings.

On his expulsion, Harawira cut a deal with the party whereby in return for his refraining from attacking it, the party agreed to not stand a candidate against him in 2011. Last night in parliament Harawira tore up the agreement.

Mr Harawira attacked his former party colleagues and in doing so appears to have breached a divorce agreement that they refrain from attacking each other.

He said the bill "preys on the desperation of the Maori Party to be seen to be doing something about the issue from which it was born".

He said the leadership of the party had forced him out of the party "so they can say the Maori Party unanimously supports this racist piece of legislation".

And he said their supporters would abandon them if the party "sells out their people" and votes for it.

Nothing could be better for New Zealand than the defeat and ejection from political life of Mr John Hatfield. Adolf is tempted to change his name by deed poll to McCoy and offer himself to the party for pre-selection.

November 2011 gets more interesting as each day goes by.


Anonymous said...

Interesting isn't good enough. At the end of the day nothing that matters will change and democracy will be the loser irrespective of what shape the political monster takes. Maori control will expand and become increasingly intrusive whether JH is there or not. You be interested and vote all you like but out of respect for the lost generations of WW1 & WW2 I've stopped taking part in the charade.

Adolf Fiinkensein said...

Another anonymous loser insults those who sacrificed their lives so that he/she/it and others could vote.

Anonymous said...

how closely related is his wife?

Anonymous said...

I thought they fought for freedom, not just freedom to vote and be screwed over afterwards. My wife and I are not closely related at all in the manner you suggest.

Given you instantly descend to personally insults I guess you are closet Labour supporters.


Murray said...

Can we have an Spartacus moment with everyone saying I'm McCoy?

And my gandfather and his brothers in law joined up because they thought Mister Hitler needed to get his beans. That was by their own description. Nobody mentioned freedom but then nobody said some tosser would be claiming he knew what they joined up for decades later either.

You can be personaly insulted if you like but no one from my family needs you speaking for them Claytus.

Anonymous said...

Yah! Murray has spoken and he's da big man on campus! That's coz he's 50 and still plays with toys.

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

the wife relative question was directed at John Harawira